Primary & secondary insurance regarding medicaid , advice & helpp?

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Sweet Cheeks
Asked at 2012-04-29 14:10:42
I am sure my parents and I have Medicaid. ¿ I can have both at once? I've only Medicaid because I am 35 weeks pregnant and I want the baby to be covered. My second question is do I have to tell Medicaid by other insurance, or you can just find that information on your own because my parents on vacation and I can not come to him for insurance information . I have fear that I will get Medicaid . Please help
Answer1wediwe4653Answered at 2021-04-24 21:40:01

Just AAA is a website that has an information about insurance and their questions. You can get uk assignment writing services to know the real primary and secondary insurance regarding medicaid conditions. Join their website for more information. 

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