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Can some one help me with no claims insurance discount?6cockatoo2012-10-24 13:15:03
hello I have bin driving and safe since September 2007 , unfortunately, because of money I can not pay taxes or run the car and am selling, I have only two monthly payments, as it was a more than 10 months , and so far no I called , so if I win my payment for a year without claims and cancel my insurance, you still have the advantage no demand without policly insurance and if so how long are represented without being insured? thanks
How do you get 'NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT' on car insurance?10snipe2012-05-24 10:26:05
Does my insurance isuue me with this if you have been, or I have to buy some sort of certificate?
UK Car Insurance - No Claims Discount?1holiday2012-09-26 07:30:04
My car insurance has come up for renewal and I'm looking for other insurance companies as an alternative to my current insurer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have had insurance with my insurance company for two years , one with a provisional license when I was learning , and one with a full license . He claims that in two years I have renewed my no- claims bonus . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I go to the websites of other insureres for an appointment that will not let me enter more years no - claims bonus of years I have had a full license . Does anyone know if the no-claims discount I got when I was a provisional license is recognized by other insurers ?
Do I have Insurance no claims discount?1Rachel2012-05-29 16:33:09
Hello, I had a car insured about 2 years and had 1 year with no claims bonus , but the car broke down on me and I could not afford the insurance , while I was trying to get it fixed . Therefore, it was canceled on me. Now I have a new car that is a much larger engine and is much more secure in it, but if he still had years 1 bonus unpretentious would be able to afford the insurance . I was with Tesco car insurance and had no claims discount , but I have my policy number of them anymore.
How do i get my proof of no claims discount for my car insurance?2Cora2011-12-22 00:41:18
How do i get my proof of no claims discount for my car insurance?
Where do i stand with my insurance and no claims discount?5Cecilia2018-07-09 02:32:28
I recently had a car accident that was not my fault though, since the crash of the other party has been called my insurance and they said they will now lose my statements is not that correct? I have also overpaid for my car to repair it I get this behind us and what will happen in reagrds who pays for the damage I have no guilt?
Being on disability insurance i need to know if i have any no claims discount?4Liz2012-01-27 01:18:51
INSUREa car need to help my daughter with her driving. can not know if I had a Motability car for 15 years until 2009 I have yet to discount claims to my insurance or have expired. Need to know as soon as possible
Car insurance question no claims discount?0aslyn2012-07-14 17:36:02
hi, my dad is currently a main driver on his own car - and has used his 9 years no claims discount for his car insurance. i was wondering if i was to buy another car can i put my dad as main driver on my car but at the same time list that he has NCB ? he will be the main driver for both cars.
How long does your no claims discount last if u do not have any insurance?5Too many wrong ヽ2012-09-01 06:36:02
I have 9 years no claims discount and just sold my car. i will do without a car for a while and wondered if there was a time limit for no claims discount if handled ?
Im 17 and ive claimed twice on my car insurance, will it go up? Even though i already had 0 no claims discount?2Jiya2012-10-07 22:09:02
An accident was my fault , and the other 50/50 split with the other driver .
How do i get my proof of no claims discount for my car insurance.?13The Unpredictable 2012-05-03 01:03:11
Aoved insurance and new insurance company wants (original ) proof that exclude claims not to my knowledge im sure is at 9 years!
Car insurance, transfering no claims discount?0Jolien2012-07-26 18:50:02
i have just bought a car and i want to transfer my NCD to this new car. However the issue is that my old car still has 1 month left of insurance. (i will have 4 years build up) I asked my insurance company (Aviva) if i could cancel my insurance on my old car and then use the no claims discount on there, to transfer it to my new car. Is this possible at all ?

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