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Hey guys can u guys give me some car suggests cause im gonna get my first car soon?0TM2012-10-20 18:45:03
has 2 b less than $ 10,000 MedlinePlus can not ba sports car insurance because it is 2 raised MedlinePlus but I want two good look a bit like a sports car , but not as a general civic
Im home and im very sick i dont got insurance im scare to call 911 or go to emergency cause i dont have money?1ゞ ﹏ ? have a lock on an 2012-06-16 16:18:28
I need help now I'm working without social security 'm awaiting reply now asylum.need
I dont want people abusing the system, yet I dont want to mandate health insurance?1najla2012-09-02 17:04:02
I have a better idea NEXT TO COMPLAINT OF GOD?
I dont have insurance....i dont qualify for not working at the moment....i need help fast?1Joy2012-05-02 01:10:27
I have no insurance .... I do not qualify for Medicaid ... I'm not working at the time .... I need help fast?
Hi last night i was car cras and i dont have driving licence and i dont have insurance?20 Hong Kong2012-08-06 18:15:02
hello last night I cras car and do not have driving license and no insurance I have you please help
Why dont we get a refund from car insurance companys when we dont make a claim?0ain't nuttin but a G thang 2012-05-14 14:03:34
i pay more for insurance that I can do for home insurance but my car is worth a fraction of
I had my motorcycle stolen but i had lojack i calld and they said they dont cover it because i dont have insu?0s6c-gEL 2012-08-20 14:15:03
do i really need insurance in order for lojack to cover what theysaid they would do and refund me money if my bike got stolen ?im in california.
What are some interset groups against the "dont ask, dont tell' policy?0Adela2012-05-08 03:57:42
What are some groups Interset against the " dont ask , dont tell ' policy ?
Is the dont ask dont tell policy still in effect?0Clara2012-05-28 07:51:44
It is the dont ask dont tell policy remains in force ?
Insurance Help! I don't know what I need/should/can do! Help guys!!!?1Leopol2012-07-11 12:38:02
I made a payment on my insurance check through 07/28/09 . I received notification of payment received ** the 28/07/09 . We speak with an insurance agent the next day also , and no problems were brought to my attention. Today 08/06/09 , I received notification that my insurance had been canceled as of 07/28/09 . To say that never went through the payment, which still makes no sense , because I have a lot of dollars in my checking account and my account # is correct. After receiving a new "date" I was informed that my insurance payment increased by $ 200.00, and my $ 103.00 a month, because I have not had insurance since 28/07/09 , therefore , a " period of safe. " I seriously think this is a scam that tries on people. When approving the payment, and provide insurance identification cards , but then say they never paid , so that the rates go up, and you have a lapse of insurance. In my opinion the blame because I was notified that he had no insurance a week later. What if I had had an accident? I had the impression that everything was great, and then notify me a week later , my insurance is canceled ! Is there a way to go about this legal? Have affected my work life, and now will be very difficult to get a decent quote from other companies. Any help would be great guys . I am in complete shock that this has happened and I am looking for a way to get justified ! I appreciate all the help!
Is the other guys insurance trying to rip me off?1Petica2012-10-06 13:25:02
25/06/2012 Ok a car hit me. He was at fault. I made the insurance claim following business day . Today is 06/30/2012 and me. received a letter saying that "The loss did not occur within the policy period . " But ! I took a picture with my phone.of the second person of other insurance that clearly shows . Effective date 05/06/12 . Expiration date 07/05/12 . What's going on ?
Guys how much was your car insurance when you first.....?9 Patents are an angel -2012-06-29 02:00:23
start driving ? State Fair : 1. Car 2. How many years have you 3. What company you went through 4. How Thanks a bunch of bananas

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