Insurance Help! I don't know what I need/should/can do! Help guys!!!?

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Asked at 2012-04-28 12:07:28
I made a payment on my insurance check through 07/28/09 .

I received notification of payment received ** the 28/07/09 .

We speak with an insurance agent the next day also , and no problems were brought to my attention.

Today 08/06/09 , I received notification that my insurance had been canceled as of 07/28/09 . To say that never went through the payment, which still makes no sense , because I have a lot of dollars in my checking account and my account # is correct.

After receiving a new "date" I was informed that my insurance payment increased by $ 200.00, and my $ 103.00 a month, because I have not had insurance since 28/07/09 , therefore , a " period of safe. "

I seriously think this is a scam that tries on people. When approving the payment, and provide insurance identification cards , but then say they never paid , so that the rates go up, and you have a lapse of insurance. In my opinion the blame because I was notified that he had no insurance a week later. What if I had had an accident? I had the impression that everything was great, and then notify me a week later , my insurance is canceled !

Is there a way to go about this legal? Have affected my work life, and now will be very difficult to get a decent quote from other companies.

Any help would be great guys . I am in complete shock that this has happened and I am looking for a way to get justified !

I appreciate all the help!

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