Must we continue to pay for emergency room care for the uninsured, if the Court rules out Obama Care? related questions

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Must we continue to pay for emergency room care for the uninsured, if the Court rules out Obama Care?1Dolores2012-05-22 23:09:11
As it stands now, if someone who does not opt to pay for health care is shot in a hunting accident , or mangled in a fall from a cliff , or have a massive heart attack , or is beaten by lightning or gets a deadly staph infection , or food poisoning from eating anything imported from China, or develops pneumonia, or get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, or have a toenail in the adult, or have sneezing, or not feeling well, or is going bald , or have something in your eye, or has a rash, or is constipated from eating junk food, or you notice your memory is failing , or can not see as well as could the last week, or want advice on how to lose weight or think a ghost following him or her back pain , or have a sunburn, or have a muscle cramp . or simply believe they are about to die , or any of the millions of real or imagined wrongs that people explain to emergency rooms each year , we, you and I have to pay for insurance premiums through a increase in health insurance that you choose to buy. Obama 's mandate , the focus shifts that cost to those who refuse to buy health insurance . It does so through the IRS as a penalty on your taxes. What 's wrong with that? It works and is very popular in Massachusetts , how is that so different from the rest of us ?
Republicans own the Supreme Court so how will they vote On Romney care- oops I mean Obama care?1Amar2012-09-12 21:45:05
And who is the Republican Party ? Business neoconservative Republicans who are pro- Ins Medical Health Industry - the Obligatory Health Insurance? O true constitutional conservative
Insurance denial for emergency room care, where to go from here? What should my appeal say?0Hailea2012-07-29 13:45:02
Last month, at 4am I was taken to the emergency room by my husband. I was in excruciating pain, more pain then I had during CHILDBIRTH! My back was having severe muscle spasms. I could not move, could not sleep, could not do anything without being in tears. I was giving an anti-inflammatory shot, muscle relaxer, and pain pill at the ER, sent home and I felt 110% better after treatment. Now, I receive an insurance denial letter from my insurance because A. Bodily functions were not affected B. it was not to save an unborn child and C. It was not harmful to bodily organs. It was 4am and I had nowhere else to go and honestly could not dealt with the pain any longer. I hated to go because I would have to pay the 20% my insurance does not pay, but I had no other choice. Now, I am going to be held responsible for the full amount which is around $3,000! Can someone please tell me how I can successfully appeal this? I'm so worried and don't have ANY extra money, especially not an extra $3,000...Thanks so much.
If Republicans think going to the emergency room is enough for health care why do they have insurance?0Jeanna2012-08-05 01:11:01
The fact is that health insurance offers long-term care longer with your insurance company picking up much of the cost .
Does insurance status affect the care of a patient in the emergency room?1aaliyah2012-08-19 20:20:27
Given the split-second decisions and life-or-death situations facing individuals brought to the emergency room, it seems like patient insurance coverage wouldn't be an issue when doing tests and procedures, but is that assumption correct? Do doctors act based on whether or not they know their patient can pay?
Need medical care (doctor)-no insurance-went to emergency room-need advice?1Tiara2012-10-09 17:55:02
I have no insurance and went to the emergency room over the weekend . All my tests were fine. and told me I had anxiety , etc. I know I have to see a doctor to see me mostly because I'm still not feeling very well overall. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no doctor and have not been to one in years. My job has insurance available , but I have to pay out of pocket. My question is if I join this insurance , when can I see a doctor ? I think they earn too much to qualify for state funding of health care road. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please offer any advice as I really need to take some action here . Thanks in advance .
Supreme Court will rule against health care law. Will this help Obama?2mamadou2012-07-31 05:50:03
Right on : June 20, 2012 : Legal experts now expect the Supreme Court to overturn individual mandate " A new survey of 58 insider legal experts out after oral arguments concluded found that most predict that the court down the so-called individual mandate , a key provision in the law that requires all purchases in America a form approved government health insurance. " "The survey was conducted the same expert before the hearings began , which found the opposite: Most thought that the law is upheld . "
How Many People Will Die if the Supreme Court strikes down Obama Care?0Henry22012-06-29 05:59:11
Many old people will die for adults living with their parents about their insurance plans how many will die by this court ?
If the court decide against Obama Care then will Mandatory Car Ins be considered UN Constitutional as well .?1Bow to kiss your 2012-10-06 16:28:02
Is forcing people to buy car insurance in violation of our freedom ?
Who will the Republican owned supreme court support On Obama care?1Mohamed shiko2012-10-04 16:15:03
Companies that take the conservative Republicans kick back industry 's health insurance? O true conservatives do not want constitutional Mandatory Health Insurance ?
Under Obama's new health care bill, how long can you go without insurance and not pay the uninsured penalty?0Laurey2012-07-22 03:31:02
How long you can go without coverage without having to pay the penalty / tax for not having health insurance once part of the bill comes into effect in 2014 ?
Insider Legal Poll: Supreme Court will rule against health care law. Will this help Obama?1kyaliah hodge2012-10-30 02:15:04
Just in: June 20, 2012: Insider poll: Legal experts now expect Supreme Court to strike down individual mandate "A new insider survey of 58 legal experts conducted after the oral arguments concluded found that most predict that the court will strike down the so-called individual mandate, a central provision within the law requiring that every American purchase a government-approved form of health insurance. The same expert survey was conducted before the hearings began, which found the opposite: Most thought the law would be upheld."

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