Does anyone know how long health insurance is active for after being laid off? related questions

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Does anyone know how long health insurance is active for after being laid off?10Hulda2012-09-02 01:40:02
I was fired right next to ... and my insurance premium was deducted from my paycheck yet final payment .. Does that mean you have an additional 30 days of coverage ?
How long will our Health Insurance last since my Husband got laid off.?0hamna2012-07-28 05:56:00
My husband got laid off on Tuesday. We had Blue Care Network of Michigan. My husband had this job for almost 3 years .. He got a job offer but would not start until Week 3 of February.
How long is my health insurance active after I leave my job?0Winifred2012-07-26 03:27:02
How long is my health insurance active after I leave my job? If I left there on 09/21/10 and they took my insurance out of my check on 9/24/10 how much longer do I have health care? Just wondering, 1 week, 2 weeks, a month?
How long do i have medical coverage after i get laid off?2Nancy2012-09-14 12:02:02
How much time do I have medical coverage after being laid off ?
I need to health insurance but i got laid off work...?2Marlo2012-07-26 19:36:22
I understand I need health insurance . Because face it , you never know when necessary. I've been looking for work since being laid off in March. Cobra proved too expensive. What are some health insurance low cost that are good ? Since I'm low on cash i dont want to waste money on an insurance company wrong. Are there programs in California that can help me ? At least until I can find a job.
Got laid off, but I still have my health insurance, but for free!?0Erin2012-06-03 13:26:41
I was fired from my job because of a hurricane, and yet for some reason I have health insurance through them , but I 'm not paying the premium ! It's really strange . I stopped working for them in September and was told my health coverage would end around October 15th'ish . Well , I thought it was over, until I went to the doctor and thought I'd give it a try - doubtful it would work , I tried anyway. Indeed , demand was through! I went online to check the status of my coverage, and to my surprise , I'm still covered . It is now January 2009 and yet I have full coverage ... How did this happen? Who pays Aetna? Someone has to be ... and not me. COBRA know it's not because I'm not paying anything, and COBRA is generally expensive. Has this happened to anyone? I consider this a great blessing not want to end . Someone please give me advice on what to do to change that. Thanks , anonymous
Should the person who got laid off, or underemployed be without health insurance?0paul white2012-09-22 21:15:03
As it is now if you are fired , you have the option of paying in their plan of health care , but their unemployment benefits are not sufficient to pay the premiums . Are you saying that Republicans should not be covered by any health plan ?
Does anyone know of inexpensive health insurance coverage for someone who has been laid off?0Yvette2012-09-09 05:34:01
COBRA is too expensive . I need to know if you only have enough or hospitalization is needed most ? Thank you.
Who can help you get health insurance after you were laid off at fifty eight years old1Thailand2012-04-04 02:48:55
Who can help you get health insurance after being fired in fifty- eight years old
How are you paying for health insurance if you are one of the millions recently laid off?0hw help2012-09-18 06:04:02
Be COBRA is available for many but it is very expensive to maintain and only runs for a limited period . Questions like this have been asked before and against governement supported health accused only those without health insurance as lazy losers . But with the economy crashing , the scenario has changed . If not used more and no income and little savings , what are you doing for your health insurance ?
How quick can an employer terminate you health insurance once you are laid off?0male-gina 2012-06-05 12:42:58
how fast can an employer cancel health insurance once they are laid off?
Cobra Coverage - Am I entitled if I was laid off but I was purchasing my own Health Insurance?1jennifer white2012-09-11 21:50:03
The company that I was an employee did not offer health insurance so I had to buy my own and now I just laidoff . Do I have the right to receive COBRA benefits to help pay for my individual health insurance ?

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