If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) can you also have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? related questions

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If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) can you also have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?1Lyn2012-06-03 09:12:17
If I enroll in an HSA that disqualifies me for an FSA account too?
Do you have a Health Savings Account, Flex Spending Account, or Health Reimbursement Account?0oshar2012-08-22 20:23:03
" HSA high deductible insurance plans that allow employees to make contributions to a savings account in pretax dollars . Employers may or may not match employee contributions . Any unused cash belongs to the worker . These plans with high deductibles are different health reimbursement accounts or HRA , which are funded by employers and return unused cash to the company . SAH and should not be confused with a flexible spending account , or FSA , which allows save money before taxes for health services . " MedlinePlus http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnfl
Can I pay my husband's health insurance from funds of my Flexible Spending Account?2Dorky Mark Szota 2012-09-29 03:15:03
I live in New York and my employer offers an FSA plan . They charged 100 % of my coverage, but that does not extend to my husband. ¿ I can pay your health insurance allocation of money in my FSA?
Flexible Spending Account?0Wrong when the tender love2012-05-25 22:31:07
I had elected to contribute $ 1200 to my FSA Account . which was effective from 01/01/08 to 12/31/08 . Employer makes payroll deduction the first year (this check was paid to me on 01/10/08 for pay period 12/16/07 to 12/31/07 ). But I quit my job on 1/12/08 . I am expecting a paycheck 01/20/07 for pay period 1/1/08 to 1/15/08 . Therefore, i ) What will happen if you continue to contribute to the FSA? Will I receive the tax benefit ? ii ) If I decide not to continue then the employer contribution to make the deduction , the FSA in my next paycheck , too? They do the check -out only on 1/20/08 ( per pay period 1/1/08 to 1/15/08 ), but left the 01/12/08 so when the check is done I know ' not I'm at work. Or that they would favor the deduction rate for 01/01/08 to 01/12/08 ? iii ) If you continue to contribute then the date is the last day before I should have incurred expenses to claim my money - my last day of employment ( 01.12.08) or the last day of the payment period (1 / 15/08) or check ( 01/20/08 )?
Can I use my flexible spending account on to pay for body sculpting?0Rubell2012-05-14 07:09:42
¿ I can use my flexible spending account to pay for body sculpting ?
Cancel dependent Care Flexible spending account?0Cody2012-06-21 03:38:04
I never knew about dependent care reimburse the program before, and I enrolled in this program when I reapply for health insurance . ¿ I can cancel the flexible spending account for dependent care immediately and claim the money left in my account? How and to cancel. thanks
What types of services does a flexible spending account cover?0 nickname ン -2012-05-06 03:22:07
What types of services covered by a flexible spending account ?
Re: Flexible Spending Accts. - if you are terminated and still have monies left in the account -?3amo2012-05-29 23:16:30
How long you have to use that money. I 'm doing a lap around my former employer - in my termination on August 6 was $ 700 in my account , I called the company that distributes the money and told me I had until 28/02/07 to submit receipts to that amount, called a second time and said I had until 31/03/07 because the guidelines changed. I sent the receipts of February a total of about how much he said he had available , they were denied , My former employer told me that could only be paid by income before my termination date, I called the company back pocket and was told that receipts would be covered 90 days after my dismissal. I keep getting a turn around and want to know who I can call to find out the law. It's my money , and if I presented the receipts before the end date to be paid
If I claimed childcare on my insurance Flexible Spending Account, is it a requirement to claim it on my taxes?1taysha2012-09-22 20:48:03
I received $ 2300 in my FSA I paid for child care for my mother - in-law. The insurance did not ask for your SS or EIN # or something. They also said they have nothing to do with the filing of taxes or anything else. Do I have or my mother - you have to claim on taxes as a deduction on my income or on hers ? We prefer not to think about if necessary. Is there somewhere I can read about this ?
If you have more than one saving account at a Savings and Loans is each account insurance or is it the total of all accounts togather0Jare2012-03-05 03:07:58
If you have more than a savings account in a savings and loan insurance on each account or is the total of all accounts Togather
Checking Account In Collections And Savings Account Is Still Open?0imbillie2012-11-03 11:47:20
I have two accounts with Citizens Bank... One is a checking account the other is a savings. I'm a freshman in college and ran in to difficulties with my living situation therefore I fell short on cash...and wasn't able to put enough in my bank account in time in order for my auto insurance to withdraw the monthly installments.. The company was never successful in taking out any money however every ATTEMPT cost me $35...and they attempted 10 times!!! Resulting in me being overdrawn $350... Ofcourse at the moment I wasn't able to pay them back so they sent me to collections... This sucks because I am not able to have an active checkings account, but I do have an active savings account with $5.75 in it..lol... Well, I am renting a room, and I need a place to put my money while I save for tuition.. which is due soon.. I do not trust money in my room. I rather put it in my savings, but will the collection agency, or the bank take the money to pay for any debts I have with them? I still find it unfair that I have to pay for 350 of just over draft fees when my account wasn't overdrawn.. What should I do?
Health Spending Account is a tax free benefit?1Liz2012-05-10 20:22:39
It is the Health Spending Account is a tax-free benefit for the employer ?

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