What can I expect, we are at the rating and settlement part of my workers comp case. I need help.? related questions

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What can I expect, we are at the rating and settlement part of my workers comp case. I need help.?0Beverly2012-04-27 16:36:02
Long story short , I was injured on the job only about 2 years. Then the doctor in surgery and rehabilitation .. I am worse than before surgery anothr creates a problem . This is a nerve damage in my dominant arm. I am unable to drive , write, open a drink , let alone do my old job. Workers' Compensation has been great. No doubt my injury , which agee with that. I am a real case. I live in California. We are done with the doctor and it seems that this is the way I am with the possibility of worsening due to a complication of healing. We were told to tell the doctor that we would be classified ... what will happen next ? What kind of people get settlements or hat I can wait. I need help because I can not use my God-given talents because of this damage to take care of myself and family.
I have a rating of 20% PPD. What should i expect in terms of workers comp settlement?1Cherrie2021-06-15 02:28:08
PPD is the award permanent partial disability.they weeks.Looking a rough estimate of a lawyer or someone who had the same situation.
Workers comp case help?2Dan2012-08-02 02:07:53
I was recently in the hospital for a lacerated hand that occurred during work. Have 7 stitches, the cost was about $ 200 and the load was picked up by workers compensation . During my visit , a week after the stitches removed , the cost was $ 167. The problem I am having is that the employer refuses to pay the bill the latter. Honestly , I am very grateful for worker's comp for the payment of the initial visit, but should not be required to pay two fees. Especially since the points can not be taken for myself, I feel the loss. What I can do?
Can anybody tell me what to do in a workers comp case?Whan will they pay?1 m1ng-3. -2012-07-18 11:04:02
I have a friend who just had surgery on his wrist after work injury.She nondisputed be out of work on 2mos.She just received a call from workers' compensation who say now will not pay for surgery or as she is out of work until they have completed an investigation investigation.The is because the fist came here on a door that ago.Will 6yrs paid pending an investigation ? What are your resources in the meantime.How was supposed to eat, because now he has had surgery and provides news up.This has literally throwing up.
Does everyone get a settlement with workers comp?3Canti2021-06-17 01:12:57
I have a wrist injury at work and told me that I might have permanent damage to the thumb. please help
What can I expect if im injured @ work and they have no workers comp insurance?0Pola2012-06-30 02:27:02
I am employed in Indiana and was injured at work ... I was informed only that my employer has no workers ' compensation insurance and no insurance at all. If I had to sue my employer for my dr . bills and wages and loss that goes bankrupt does that mean I 'm screwed?
How much should I expect for workman's comp settlement.?0cat2012-05-20 05:38:05
Who was attacked at work and I took a month off to physical therapy for back injuries and migraines. Now I'm having post-traumatic stress of the whole situation had happened and going to see a therapist . When the solution comes , how much is acceptable?
How do you get a workers compensation Case/settlement?1Geof2012-05-27 08:30:26
I hurt for almost a year, I had knee surgery and has a blood clot surgery. I was off work for 7 weeks and workers compensation . I returned to work light .... My employer has treated me like shit since he was injured. I've been in physical therapy for 5 months and still have not recovered fully, yet I have a bllod clot.My employer and the doctor is trying to evict the workers ' compensation . So how I can qualify for compensation for workers / location ? My health is long term ...
How to fight an employee on a stress related workers comp case?2Bramwell2012-11-05 11:37:04
we have this employee who was going to be on sick leave during the last 6 weeks. everything we receive faxed notes from doctors, no calls , returned our phone calls to find out what is wrong with her ​​and now receive this letter he had submitted a claim for workers ' compensation and damages for stress and psychological . We have no idea how to fight this. What can we do ?
How long do it takes to get a settlement from workers comp?1"Oun Som Ped", Thai for fat orange chick 2012-08-03 06:25:03
last year was injured in the workplace continues to work with this company , how long does it take them normaily agreement , which became a lawyer in this case , how long will it take after I'm releasesd doctor.
My question is regarding how much of a settlement I can expect for a workmen's comp claim.?0Ll2012-09-19 20:45:03
May 20, 2008 I was involved in an automobile accident while on company business. Mt boss was driving and it was unquestionably his fault. He received a ticket. In a few days I am having anterior cervicaldiscectomy with fusion on my c5 and c7. Workmen's comp doctor has decides since 2 injections did not work to cure what he is certain is a pinched nerve that surgery is the only other alternative. Since the accident I have had pain in my left arm as well as my shoulder blades and a tingling sensation going into my fingertips. Since I was on company business workmen's comp is handling the case as opposed to the companys auto insurance carrier. I would like to know if anyone has an idea of what kind of setlement I should negotiate for as well as when the negotiation process will start. according to the surgeon I will probably not have full revovery for at least 2 months if ever.
In CA do I need to repay workers comp, if I receive a settlement from my own insurance co?1Hal2021-06-23 01:57:08
I was involved in a car accident in my own car while it is running . The person that hit me had no car insurance and I doubt it has any investment. My car insurance fixed my vehicle total loss . When I settle uninsured motorist bodily injury claim with my insurance , I have to pay compensation to workers who have paid the medical expenses ? Or the solution be mine free and clear ?

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