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Worried . jail & medicaid? advice?0Brian2012-04-27 14:12:23
I am pregnant and my parents' insurance . I applied for Medicaid for the baby to be born. It lets me have two safe, but my dad is not going to give your insurance information . He thinks it 's too intrusive. If I do not use my Medicaid card who learn and take me to.jail ? I know I'm paranoid I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing
My wife got no insurance no registration in my truck,shes worried about jail time and fines,?0Felicial2012-05-14 02:57:16
his car is always good, my truck ins.which expiration led to suspension of registration in New York. I think we need to get a lawyer
My home was recently burgled worried about claiming on insurance i need some advice?2Novia2012-06-13 08:12:31
Hello My house was broken into and all that I've wasted enough took a lot of money and some personal items I just say in my home insurance, but im worried that they will not pay becouse I have a big dog My dog is an Alaskan Malamute and anyone who has seen one knows they are great looking dogs afraid I do not know if it is normal for the breed , but the crust and soft as mine doesent clarts hes wouldent surprise me if he helped them take things out on the back becouse of this im worried that my insurance company pay im not lying and I've also heard rumors that in the case of the insurance company you are lying you can get some kind of trouble with the police .... Can anyone advise me? Kind regards homeowner worried.
One more medicaid / insurance question .. advice anyone?0Devi2012-04-27 03:02:56
I'm at my parents' insurance , even though my parents are married but separated are to love their income since I'm in your insurance. I did not list how to live in our home because it does not. So if I give my parents sure what will happen ?
I need some child support and Medicaid advice?2Andrea2012-05-23 10:44:32
I have a daughter 15 months and I am expecting a baby in a few months . I currently receive Medicaid and pregnant with my daughter to get well. I am committed to the father and he is an Australian citizen , resident in Australia at the moment. I was living there since May , when I have the baby here in the U.S. , To be with my family. He plans to come here in November when it is your holiday and we all will return to Australia in January. I received a letter in the mail yesterday scheduling an appointment with me to the local child support division to me for information on the whereabouts and personal information of the father of my child for child support can be pursued. I do not need to pursue child support and I have no desire to pursue any litigation to obtain it. I am not living with him at the time only because I wanted to be near my family on the birth of our second child, so it might take a few months with me and our oldest daughter. The letter warns of sanctions against me and my daughter if I fail . Does that mean I have to try to sue my future husband for child support ? I understand that I expected to receive support from the child's father before asking for state aid, and while I lived there in Australia that has supported us completely, but I have not asked anything, while , for I am living with my family. I am not getting the help, except for health coverage for Medicaid pregnancy and my daughter, I will not even need after having a baby in November. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Anyone else found themselves in a similar situation?
Pregnant, no insurance and make too much money for medicaid. Advice?4 복수명사 2012-09-23 05:04:03
I am an independent contractor and no insurance. Now I am pregnant before having the opportunity to obtain health insurance. Health insurance , once pregnant , it is too expensive. I make too much money for government assistance but not enough to afford private insurance . I'm in a difficult situation, and I wonder if anyone has any advice to help me finance my pregnancy.
Primary & secondary insurance regarding medicaid , advice & helpp?1Sweet Cheeks 2021-04-24 21:40:01
I am sure my parents and I have Medicaid. ¿ I can have both at once? I've only Medicaid because I am 35 weeks pregnant and I want the baby to be covered. My second question is do I have to tell Medicaid by other insurance, or you can just find that information on your own because my parents on vacation and I can not come to him for insurance information . I have fear that I will get Medicaid . Please help
Medicaid application denied....can't afford my medical bills. Please read I need advice!?3- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2012-08-23 13:40:02
I have 19 and my husband is 22. I applied for Medicaid last week because I 'm 5.5 weeks pregnant and today I got a letter saying that we were denied because our income is over the limit. He can hardly afford our bills right now, and now I have my medical expenses on top of everything else ! Not to mention the cost of delivery and all. What should I do ? We live in Idaho and I have no knowledge of any other insurance such as Medicaid. My employer offers health insurance husbands, but if we paid for that we would not be able to pay our bills from others who have to be paid as our house payment and such. Please, if you have any suggestions or advice .... I'm a little scared. I feel guilty for putting us in this situation, even though I know it was both of us. Are just the hormones talking . Thank you very much in adv
Why do I have straight medicaid opposed to an HMO medicaid and how do I find a doctor that will take it?0Kale2012-07-09 08:30:01
Why I straight against a Medicaid HMO Medicaid. I can not seem to find anyone who wants to take insurance. I have Crohn 's disease and am having much trouble finding a doctor now that I have this insurance: (
Does Medicaid take a portion of workers comp settlement if you are currently on medicaid?0Oliver2012-05-06 14:37:04
My children and I are on Medicaid for insurance only. I will be receiving workers' compensation agreement in October. ( do not know how yet) Because I am currently on Medicaid will take a portion ?
What are the qualifications for continued medicaid coverage for someone working 20-25hrs per work and employer does not offer health insurance and received Medicaid for past year4 Wu Bi å°› percent -2012-08-07 06:18:02
Would my fiance be able to get Medicaid when we get married? I have Medicaid for myself & (see details)?0Ashley2012-05-11 10:52:06
my daughter. When we marry, will he be able to do so ? I am a housewife and makes about $ 1,200 a month. Could she get food stamps too?

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