I started get unemployment in June 2008 and became ineligible May 2010 EUC reinstate July 1 2010 am I a 99er? related questions

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I started get unemployment in June 2008 and became ineligible May 2010 EUC reinstate July 1 2010 am I a 99er?1Myra2012-05-09 22:19:12
I started getting unemployment in June 2008 and became eligible May 2010 EUC reset July 1, 2010 I am a 99er ?
2010 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2010 Honda Accord Coupe?0Juliu2012-10-29 21:45:05
I turn 16 in less than a month and my parents have agreed to get me a new car for my birthday (call me spoiled but believe me, my situation enables me to deserve such a gift), and my number one choice is the new Camaro. This is an obvious desire, and for a 16 year old a risky option, and can be pricey when factoring in insurance. My parents have suggested instead to get me the Honda Accord Coupe, which is admittedly extremely awesome looking but just lacks that cool factor any teenager wants, especially because I am a boy and the Accord has a certain, girlishness about it. My parents are giving me an ultimatum - get the base Camaro LS, which is the cheapest of course but lacks a lot of features such as wheels and leather seats among many other things, which would make up for the pricey insurance, or get a Honda Accord coupe EX-L, which is a pretttty nice package with leather seats (in case you haven't noticed, Leather seats is a big feature for me lol) and because my father owns a Honda motorcycle shop in town we have a deal with the car dealership to get any vehicle at cost, so the Accord would be the cheaper option overall. Which one do you think I should go for? I would like a new Dodge Ram but for what I want they are just too expensive... so these are two amazing cars I get to choose from but I'm just torn between them! Thanks for your advice.
Is there more unemployment insurance for 20100Violet2012-02-21 10:32:18
Is there more unemployment for 2010
Car registered July 2011 with June tax disk?2 2012-04-26 02:27:33
My new car was registered on July 29, 2011 has been issued with a tax disc in June by the dealer - Can they do this ? The only reason that bothers me is that the car is in good treatment PCP 2 years and I have to tax a month before returning it.
If you only drive your car in June July and August do you need to carry insurance on it for the other 9 months1deuce biggaloo0 2011-12-30 19:48:28
If you only drive your car in June July and August is required to carry insurance on for the other nine months
Who were the sandwich students in a fatal car accident july 3, 2008?0Thomas2012-03-24 12:34:42
the child was ejected from the van. She was the life of fillet of Rockford, Illinois.
Fatal car wreck that occurred on july 24, 2008 in arkansas0Addiso2012-03-25 13:45:14
I need information about an accident that occurred and killed my sister. I would like to see the ad on the Internet. It seems unreal.
Who were the sandwich students in a fatal car accident july 3, 2008?0Roaming.2011-12-20 18:43:01
I bought a 2010 car...Why do I have to pay more DMV tag's?0〾 尛 Nansheng? 2012-01-19 10:25:52
I bought a used car .. has a plate of 2011 ( to say the DMV green label does not match the VIN of the vehicle) , the panel is gone. They ordered new plates also charged me 271.00 and still gave me a label of 2011 , which expires in 5 months. What the hay? Am I responsible for the tag is stolen? No responsibility should be that the distributors?
Layoff after just a few months, now ineligible for unemployment benefits?0-Untamed-2012-07-16 23:29:07
I resigned from company A to work for company B after being offered a permanent position. Now (after just a few months!), company B will lay me off (along with most of its staff) due to failing business. There was no mention whatsoever during the interview that the company could run out of business so soon. Because I resigned from company A, I am now ineligible to receive unemployment benefits, based on eligibility rules stated on the EDD's website. I will be unable to pay my rent and health insurance for my entire family unless I find a new job in the following month (not easy, given the amount of competition in my field). I understand that I accepted my employment "at will", but do I have any argument/course of action, given that I was incorrectly made to believe that I will not lose this new job so quickly? Can anyone help me? Has anyone been through the same situation? Do you think the EDD will be "reasonable" and accept this explanation to grant me unemployment benefits even just for a few months? Thanks for your help.
How much is the insurance on a 2010 Mazda?0Gavi2012-05-14 18:57:58
Im turning 16 soon and am looking for a car. im thinking of a Mazda 2010 3 , 4 doors. just looking for how much the insurance will be monthly ... rough estimate is good
Worst/Best commercials of 2010?0Okolo Daniel2012-10-28 00:15:03
Please, tell me, what are your least/most favorite commercials of 2010? This year was definitely not a strong point for advertisers, as they have been increasingly demanded to make longer commercials to fill airtime...anyways here are mine. 1. Schick Quatro "Slo-Mo with people getting hit with random objects, somehow turning them into water?" It's not so much the content, but how much I see this commercial. 2. Kia Hamsters....no comment. 3. The Geico commercials, ESPECIALLY the ones with Mike McGlone asking hypotheticals to confirm that Geico IS the best auto insurance company, miserable fail. 4. The Progressive commericials, flo, sorta pretty, but straight up obnoxious. I hate that old dude that comes in saying he don't want no flibertly flabber...who talks like that? 5. The Taco Bell 5 $ box meal commercials. 6. Any commercial talking about mesothelioma or AA-RP health plans, I see these WAY too much, these deserve to have their own channel so no one can watch them if they choose. 7. Most verizon commercials, generally have a very stupid message claiming, you too can RULE THE AIR at a low price...my ***! 8. The all-state commercials, not the ones with dennis haybert, but the ones with that guy who claims to be either a christmas tree or a teenager girl...creepy? 9. Budlight commercials, any light beer commercial for that matter. It seems like they associate drinking light beer with a bunch of idiots who need that beer like taste (trust me, light beer SUCKS!) yet still need to remain sober, as they are dumb enough already. I hate that budlight commercial where they guy's asking about his car, and the mechanic says its leaking deisel fuel....give me a break, idk why its just not funny yet kinda angers me. 10. I'm so glad, this is by far the worst, I don't see it anymore. The Quizno commercials with the singing kittens? It's not cute, and it freaks me out to be honest. If you read through all this, you are a trooper haha. No best commercials for me, I do think there are very few creative and funny ads nowadays, kinda sad :(

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