Auto insurance premiums based on credit scores. Then why aren't credit scores based on driving records? related questions

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Auto insurance premiums based on credit scores. Then why aren't credit scores based on driving records?6Lynn2012-06-03 18:43:40
I do not know about other states, but in Me. premuims auto insureance are primarily based on credit scores . I can not understand if someone is behind the existence of bills becomes a bad driver. Etheir 're a good driver or not.
Credit scores burearu pull questions and secured credit card points?0SA2012-08-21 14:35:03
The credit scoring system is all very confusing to me . I have read and studied the FICO scores from TransUnion and Equifax are supposed to be the most used by major lenders of car loans and home mortgages that are real results. This compares with other companies that offer free sheet music is not real Fako called FICO guard identity as that used last year . Experian and TransUnion scores Fako supposly are already using Vantage Score . But what is not explained is what insurance companies , companies that want to rent a cell phone companies and credit grantors use etc ... For example , I got a Verizon cell service in 2007 . Going out in late 2008 and spent apartments instead of using TransUnion credit . A credit card company denied me credit card through Experian . My bank used Innvois a credit bureau approve new room for me to get a checking account . So what scoring system used in these cases ? As no Experian FICO and all others are FAKOs . I want to build my credit using a secured credit card , but want to see accurate results to see where I am before I get the secured card . Then check my results next year . Also how much will my score go up when all my items negitive out my reports for the year 2013? That is the period of 7 years for credit debt / charge offs . Did anyone get a charge of credit card $ 300 30 % or less per month for at least a year and see your credit improve ? If so how many points ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Why should credit scores count when trying to get auto,life and health insurance?0Beache2012-09-08 21:59:02
Why should I have credit scores when it comes to getting car insurance , life and health ?
List of auto insurance companies who do not use credit scores in illinois?0ty2012-08-03 22:20:51
im looking for car insurance and need help finding a good rate
Do you know anything about CREDIT SCORES?0stan2012-07-21 23:34:02
Is it true that Insurance companies Like AUTO, HOME OWNERS insurance, check your FICO score before giving you insurance rate? If so, WHY? what is the correlation between having bad score, and the insurance rate? I would appreciate any help, and any resources that you can point me too. THank you!! Im doing this for a school project!
Credit this bad?1Lalita2012-10-12 05:13:02
577 is very bad and I will keep the military? I think there are a couple of unpaid hospital bills ( without insurance ) and lower unpaid bills I do not know what else. What is the standard in terms of results? Sorry, I'm still learning this thing fight credit score lol
Do you know anything about CREDIT SCORES?0Help me :)2012-10-20 11:09:29
Is it true that insurance companies such as car, OWNERS safe house , check your FICO score before giving insurance rate ? If so , why ? What is the correlation between having bad score , and insurance rate ? I would appreciate any help and resources you can point me too. THANKS ! I'm doing this for a school project !
Does Allstate use insurance credit scores ?0Burnel2012-01-11 04:48:30
My score is good, just curious. Another related question: My insurance has increased over the last 2 times after 6 months off every few years. I can find no reason for my final. Everyones rate is rising at Allstate ?
Do you moniter your credit karma scores ? If so, what are they ?0John Ackah2012-08-24 12:45:03
I know, I know, they aren't "real". They ARE free. Free beats real for me. Anyway, mine are Transrisk 763 Auto Insurance 883 Vantage Score 896 Interested in comparing my score ranges to others. I have noticed that my Vantage score goes down for minor credit card debt monthly. It fell 11 points for me showing roughly $600 worth of credit card debt one month on about $80,000 in availability. Less than 1%. But when I pay them all off before month end the score goes back up. I mean before the statement date is when I pay to maximize my score.
Credit scores taking a hit from homeowners insurance checks?0jimi2012-07-13 23:19:01
Hubby and I called around checking what rates would be for homeowners insurance, but I got a little ahead of myself, seeing that our closing date isn't until August! I called about 4 places, they all ran our credit and said it will be a "light hit" on the credit scores... Well how much of a hit will our credit scores take?? The bank wants our credit scores updated since them, since we want that late August closing date.. Anyone know how much of a hit it will be?
What USA Insurance companies don't use credit scores/ssn for auto/home insurance?0London2012-10-09 19:23:58
What insurance companies do not use U.S. credit scores / SSN for auto insurance / home?
Should auto insurance rates be based on credit?0Dane2012-09-10 11:29:07
That is what is happening now . I have bad credit because I'm paying double what you would pay if you had excellent credit . I've never been at fault in an accident in my life . Age (49) . I did a quote for auto insurance and credit saw affected my rates . Do not you think this is illegal , what insurance companies are doing . Can be a major class action ?

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