My bestfriend boyfriend was in a car accident and he doesnt have a health insurance? related questions

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My bestfriend boyfriend was in a car accident and he doesnt have a health insurance?3Skittles 2012-11-03 16:33:02
and needs a surgery and the family they have no money to ppay by frieday and if not paid would be sent to fool around people can u help me and wat should I do
I was in an accident and he doesnt have insurance what should i do?5Bruc2012-05-01 09:43:11
I was in a car accident where a guy hit me from behind on the freeway and run down the whole back of my expedition , and now my back hurts . I went to the hospital in an ambulance and xray my back even when I told them that I think hurt me very well , he said, it is possible that the hospital did a good job and there is nothing I could do about it? I also just learned that you do not have insurance and some of the things in the police report look fake . I need my car and my insurance cover it doesn't . What should I do?
Im 19 and me and my bestfriend (shes a girl) want to move out?0Jez2012-07-06 17:00:48
This isnt important or maybe it is but we been friends since 6th grade (10 years old) and i just turned 19 this month and she turns 20 in november. Well anyways we been talking and we decided to move out currently im the only one working but we wont move out until she gets a job and gets settled in.,. I work partime (about 35 hours a week) and get paid minimum wage. I do pay car payment of 400 a mOnth plus insurance(87) and phone bill(95 im building up my credit thats y its high) the apt we saw was about 450 to 550 of rent Do you think we would make it if by any chance she ends up working the same hours plus same pay??
Can i sue if someone doesnt pay me for accident even if we didnt go thru car insurance in Ny?2Pag2012-08-27 13:24:15
someone hit my car in New York and left a note that she agreed to pay a certain fee, which was low to begin with. It's been months and have received less than 1/5 of the amount. ¿ I can take it to court if I have proof that she promised to pay even if not through insurance , but both have it. I want to take her to small claims court in New York. ¿ I can ?
What happens if i have insurance and hit somebody on accident who doesnt have inssurance?0Teressa2012-06-27 17:20:02
It was a rainy day and a lady who does not have insurance suddenly stopped and did not signal she was turning and i slammed on the brakes but still rear ended her. I have insurance but she does not. I recieved a ticket because i rear ender her but i will challenge it because she did not signal and she stopped suddenly. Will i have to pay anything or will my insurance sue her and make her pay for my car? Thank you for any help.
How tp tell your bestfriend your switching schools and its theor fault?!?0rosette2012-06-21 08:15:03
My friend and I have been bestfriends since 6th grade. and now we are in 8th grade and is ready to go out with other people that I have good friends to others but now I can not even pass the time was worth the weekend because he is always busy with other people. or she is dating woth children over Oter schools and I feel left out and how she always gets annoyed and upset with me. I have tried to overcome it or did not work bc one day she told me we were going to hang out then canceled to hang out with other people. Then I tried maybe I should stop being friends with her , made new friends and apparently does not care about me. did not work for her and her other friends give me the appearance of death or call me names and stuff after acebook me. BC now I'm changing schools this can not go on i havent told however, idk how or when. I only wish I would stop and we could be friends agian with all this drama. I say and how to deal with her ​​about all this and seitching schools bc I have to say.
My car was totalled in an accident and the insurance doesnt want to pay what my car is worth. what can i do?7Wei Yang 尐 ゛ ___ 2012-08-15 00:15:03
it was a Chevy Tahoe LT 2WD 2007 model , fully equipped with large wheels and chrome rims. with entertainment system , heated seats , sensors, etc. back
Can i sue the guy that is at fault for hitting me in a car accident if he doesnt have insurance?7drcool 2012-05-07 19:10:37
¿ I can sue the man who is guilty of beating me in a car accident when he doesn't have insurance?
What happens if i get into an accident and the person who caused the collision doesnt have insurance and i do0Julia2012-01-21 03:13:51
What if I get into an accident and the person who caused the collision yi doesn't have insurance
Involved in an accident, Insurance doesnt cover med bills, what can we do?2Jim1552012-10-21 11:04:00
My boyfriend and were involved in a near-fatal car accident . It was 100 % of the blame for other people and your auto insurance has been to blame . I have a rental car and a check for my totaled car . Now the problem is that the guy who hit us did not have enough insurance for your car and now we get our medical expenses paid by money from the accident, or continuing treatment of the wounded. Our lawyer has informed us of this and says its hands are tied because insurance was not enough. Our hospital bills only the best of more than $ 10k each, plus doctor visits later, my boyfriend has a broken back could be a prolonged injury , which has been without work and without receiving lost wages. You can not afford to support them both and need treatment. The guy has no assets to liquidate , because we were thinking of suing him personally. Any ideas or help on what we can do? We are in a very bad situation , and it seems that there is nothing we can do ... please help.
If my 17yrs old daughter drives my car but doesnt have insurance and gets into an she covered?13Eden2012-05-08 09:37:12
If my daughter 17yrs take my car but no insurance and gets into an accident .. covered ?
Can my husbands work decide who gets their health insurance and who doesnt?2J2012-05-31 05:41:00
So we have two insurance options. My husbands company you work for (which is a family ) or through the National Guard. Well, since then we have inadvertently omitted your health insurance card through the National Guard and United Nations - have enrolled. Now my husband has returned to health insurance provided to work full time and was of poor quality with my husband told him how much it will cost the company to cover the health insurance ( through its anthem way). Can your company really choose who will register and enroll them are not on the cost to the company? I am angry about this. How can try to make my husband feel bad for coming back to them for health insurance that we pay each month for as long as we are in it ? grrrrr

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