Can you take drivers ed online? (Rhode Island)?

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Asked at 2012-04-26 12:29:29
I have 16 years , almost 17 years and have been looking at the Driver Education classes offered through the university community for months, but they are always taken, because it is the only thing the state offers .

So I was looking at alternatives, " online courses ED driver of example, and seems to be the superior response lol . But I wonder if it is legitimate . If I have to pay for the class, and take and succeed , I can reach down to the DMV and take the written exam and get my permission ? Or is it just a kind of " extra learning " of the thing, and I still have to take driving lessons in the classroom after taking here?

And for people to say "How is it possible to learn to drive through a keyboard? " Not even say LOL. Driver Ed is where you sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher will tell you what certain signs and everything , not physically get the behind the wheel is what you make online is no different , except that arrive lay in bed and listen to a computer screen instead of sitting at a desk.

Thanks in advance! <3

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