Car accident in NJ with a police report filed but no info exchanged between the drivers. What should I do?

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Asked at 2012-04-26 08:04:02
I was involved in a collision with a vehicle that had driven through a red light. A police report was filed , but due to inexperience that none of us had exchanged contact information with others.

The other party had admitted guilt / blame myself and the police, and was issued a summons or ticket . I called my insurance and was told to call the company of another insurance because they do not have collision coverage .

What should I do now ? What happens now ? I have yet to go to work somehow.

Thanks for your time and comments.
Answer1shadmanikerman Answered at 2012-05-09 09:58:01
Ask the police for a copy of the ticket. It should be contact information on it.
Answer2khatami Answered at 2012-05-24 16:30:29
The good news is that a police report was filed . Since the police report will have all that " valuable " information about who owns the car , home and insurance company , plus the policy number.

I would give 3 business days and call the police department to see if it's ready. Sometimes it is ready soon , but it could take 5 , as indicated. Most likely you will have to go to the police department and obtain a copy yourself and pay between $ 5 to $ 10 for a copy.

With copy of police report in hand, then call the insurance company listed on the police report and the " hope" that has already drawn and file a claim with them, which will speed up the process if not, then you will have to wait to call you and verify that is actually to blame for this accident.

Meanwhile, since you only have a unique responsibility , you have to take public transportation , get a ride from your colleagues or friends, or rent a car at your expense, until your insurance company completes its investigation , which could take a couple of days or weeks to complete. With this being the holidays , it could take longer because many adjusters are on vacation and could be short staffed and take longer.

At this time, until you get a police report and talk to your company , you are at the mercy of "wait " out . But if they do, in fact, agree that it is to blame for this accident, then either reimburse you for a lease or take over. But only hire no more than $ 25, or you only need to pay $ 25 per day , as a rule .

good luck
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