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How can I insure a used ambulance?1Scott2012-05-03 17:50:14
I want to buy an ambulance to become a tailgating vehicle end. Is it possible to get a lower rate , or to get insured as a recreational vehicle, as it only used about 4 months of the year? thanks
Professional Ambulance - EMT Jobs & Ambulance Services 02022-05-13 21:55:50
Professional Ambulance - EMT Jobs & Ambulance Services RHODE ISLAND'S MEDICAL TRANSPORT Transportation is the gateway to the healthcare system. Whether you need to be taken to the ER for an injury, or help to get to chemotherapy, a Professional Ambulance might be the first caregiver you encounter on your medical journey. You can expect that your experience with us will be punctual, dignified, and medically excellent. Professional Ambulance is RI’s leading provider of medical transportation. We deliver more than 60,000 transports each year using our fleet of 20 ALS ambulances, 15 wheelchair vans, and 8 luxury SUV. 
Will I receive the ambulance bill from my insurance company or from the ambulance company?1Enoc2012-08-29 14:58:13
I was charged $428 for an emergency ambulance ride to a local hospital, haven't received the bill yet but I called the ambulance/EMS offices in order to give them my insurance information. They said they will submit the bill/invoice to my insurance company. I'm at school and gave them my school address so they could send the bill, but since its being sent to my insurance company, will the final bill be sent to my school address still or my home address since its being looked over by the insurance company (which probably has my home address on file)? I just don't want the bill to be mailed home for my parents to see. Im taking care of it myself, so Im just wondering if the bill is returned back to the ambulance offices after the insurance company looks it over/determines how much they will cover and if I will receive it to the correct address
Anyway to NOT pay for an Ambulance?2no comment2012-07-09 22:31:03
My grandmother was taken to a state hospital this morning because she grew very ill. I wondered if there was a way I could move in not having to pay the ambulance bill and maybe even hospital bills because it is a state hospital. The reason I do not want it .... Last month , my father was electrocuted and thrown off a ladder at work, he was in hospital for 30 hours and unfortunately died. He was in the best hospital in California, and medical expenses are about $ 300,000 ( without insurance ). My mom is intended to cover all these bills in addition to their house payments , and their own payments , and now my ailing grandmother (and only earns $ 30,000 a year ) We can not possibly afford this, is there anyway around it? (I know that when we send a death certificate to the ambulance that took my dad to the hospital , covering the bill .... but my grandmother is still alive )
How much just for the Ambulance to come out?0plover2012-05-21 11:45:53
Call it a false alarm and hung for about 15 minutes , you can not plug into anything and take you anywhere ? Figure a trip of 15 miles one way.
Ambulance.....................3 rise to kiss you -2012-06-15 18:29:13
if beaten by ambulance think Ive got a good chance of dying ? Yes call me an idiot you incourage me more jst so please feel free to have a go
How much is an ambulance fee?1Roberta2012-06-11 03:12:51
I was having a heart attack when I called 911 when they got there , I took a lot of water, took aspirin, and eventually left, So do not go to hospital. How much is the fee for ambulance ? I live in Alabama
Who should pay for the ambulance?0bubs 2012-05-27 02:12:34
I beat a woman today while driving the car. It was totally my fault. And she called the ambulance , which I found very expensive for the bill. It seems that my car insurance policy does not cover it . So if you have health insurance , which deal with the bill ? Do I have to pay after all set ? Thank you !
How many test do you have to do to get into the ambulance?7Thailand2012-06-08 06:54:30
How much evidence do you have to do to get into the ambulance?
Can you drive an ambulance around?1Roland2012-06-24 00:46:42
I do not want . Im just curious. Like, I'm asking is that if you were to buy an ambulance , would you be able to drive around like a normal car ?
How do you get rid of ambulance chasers?4 Hong Kong2012-04-01 16:01:57
I had an accident about 11 months it was not my fault and quickly resolved to my satisfaction. I have since had a series of phone calls from several organizations that offer to act for me. One of them was so persistent nt had to wonder what part of the sentence "I thas been solved," is not understood.
Should I call the ambulance?0alaysia jones2012-07-30 10:25:56
I just started to feel strange sensations in the right lower abdomen . It is not painful , but it's like a strange tingling . And when I and my lower abdomen righht stirred a little. It is very painful, but I've never experienced anything like this. I took Pepto Bismol because he had a heart burn all over my chest and stomach today and it worked. I workout and exercise and am in good shape.I m '19 and I have no insurance. Should I call emergency number right away ? Thank you. =)

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