Transporting a car bought in new york city to long island with no plates? related questions

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Transporting a car bought in new york city to long island with no plates?1wolf2012-05-01 20:20:30
Besides securing a trailer .. How I can do this without license plates or insurance ? I know you can get a temporary plate , but the thing is I go and collect it in place. I can not get a temporary plate at the same time cause im buying, then drive home. It is a bill of sale and title good enough for me to get home , if I stop ? Could you tell an officer I just bought the car?
Can a rhode island dealer transfer new york license plates?0macaw2012-02-08 14:46:54
I'm going to Rhode Island to buy a car and I know if I would buy from a dealer in New York would not have a problem, but can you transfer my registration Rhode Island in New York or I have to take home and go to the DMV?
How much is it for car insurance for a 17 year old in long island new york?0Emilee :(2012-06-24 21:58:46
my mom had a 2002 agreement that Honda just bought a week ago and we have to get insured, but she does not have a permit or license has expired bc your permission in the year 2010, so now he wants to do is , getting a car insurance in my name. Im gonna be 18 in early June. and I have my permission.
Road test in New York: Long Island- HAUPPAUGE?1Bartle2017-03-11 00:37:36
I take the road test tomorrow in Hauppauge , Long Island. I was wondering if someone took your driving test there, and where you are driving. It is next to the State Office Building , 250 Veterans Memorial Hwy . , Parking in front? That was the description on the website of the New York State DMV , but I can not find on google maps. The most difficult areas or situations? Things to consider ? (Usually not about driving , but on the test site for concrete road ) Any advice would be very useful! ! Preferably people who actually took the road test at the site of Hauppauge. THANKS !
Where can I get the cheapest car insurance on a permit In long island new york?0kika 2012-03-14 19:45:27
I was not sure my car and I'm 19 and a male lol
In long island new york, what does it cost per square foot to build a house?0Ibi2012-08-11 20:45:03
I need this information to calculate premiums for home insurance .
Junior License/ Senior License New York State(Long Island)?0 단수명사 2012-04-26 16:24:08
I have 16 years of age about to get my permission. And I read that if you pass the road test within 6 months of receiving your permission , you get a junior license in which you can only drive to school or work. Is this true ? What is the difference between a junior and senior license ?
Transporting a car bought in one state to another?0W A I t、2012-06-14 09:05:48
I bought a car in Georgia and driving back to New York I need plates
How long does it usually take a dealership to get a car's license plates registered. I bought a car3 day ago?3Ji2012-04-01 06:35:52
How long does it usually take a dealer to obtain the plates of a car registered license. I bought one day car3 ago? 05:27:28
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How much is it for car insurance for a 16 yrs old in long island ny?6- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2012-04-24 04:05:23
but I'll be driving a 1989 ford escort
Driving on Long Island With a DJ liscene?0Bair2012-06-04 10:09:15
I know that in Long Island, with a lower liscence which can lead to driver training , but I am authorized to let a friend on your drivers Eduction Course ?

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