My wife is covered by the NEI medical plan and she needs a medical certificate for US citizenship status. Is this exam covered by the plan related questions

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My wife is covered by the NEI medical plan and she needs a medical certificate for US citizenship status. Is this exam covered by the plan0otter2011-12-28 20:44:36
My wife is covered by the NIS medical plan and you need a medical certificate from U.S. citizenship status . This test is covered by the plan
LIC plan -JEEVAN ANKUR_- Is it a medical or non medical plan? Is it necessary to produce medical cetificate?0Leon2012-05-03 19:04:53
for the candidate ?
I just received my Medicare card, and I am also covered under my wife's health plan. Do I pay?3Dhaka2012-05-19 00:58:45
When I go to get a prescription or go to a doctor because I have double coverage , I'm completely covered, or that I have yet to pay co-payments and things like that ?
You have an hmo insurance plan in Virginia your husband spends a lot of time in New York and is not covered by your hmo if you switch to a ppo will he be covered in N.Y. and if he is will it cost more1lynx2012-01-31 23:16:49
You have an HMO insurance plan in Virginia her husband spends so much time in New York and is not covered by your HMO if you switch to a PPO to be covered in NY and if you are going to cost more
What should i look for when picking an insurance plan for health/medical? is there a way to make a custom plan0Ashley-Ann2012-09-11 06:41:04
I can customize my plan ? ( S ) if necessary ? going to cost me an arm and a leg . i really do not need additional bills , I 'm very athletic and I eat healthy vegan little border line with dairy , only eat turkey and lots of variety of seafood friut and vegetables , soy / tofu . ( if this information helps you , can you tell me what are my best options ? want vision , dental , mental health , prevention and emergency , and speacialty , + general.
What's the difference between a Major Medical plan and a Comprehensive plan?1Dora2012-08-17 17:23:02
It's time to open enrollment. I have the Basic plan now, but I'm not sure it will cover much , if I ever hospitalized. What does the term "integral " means in this context?
What medical assistance is available to those in USA who are not covered by medical insurance?1rat2012-07-31 22:06:55
I undrestand that 50 % of people in the U.S. not covered by insurance . In that case, how to get medical help in case of illness? Is there a system under which private medical practicrers are available who can go for treatment ? If yes, then what is the normal fees charged by the examination of a patient and write a prescription? Can somone tell me please?
Who is covered under my health insurance plan?4Cara2012-09-01 09:17:03
I know my child is covered by my insurance , but my boyfriend , as well?
Can my friend be covered under my insurance plan?0tte2012-06-30 14:55:02
I live in Ohio, and may be moving in with a friend who has no insurance. Is it possible to have her added to my health plan ? I have my coverage through work .
Can I now drop my health insurance plan and then still be covered ?1rally2012-09-08 09:54:02
Do I need health insurance , I just want expensive insurance for tragic events. I do not need dental or vision.
Best way to get my health insurance to cover something not normally covered under my plan?0 (Core Estate pain -2012-05-03 12:51:31
Or so they say. My daughter needs a bone graft done to the jaw for dental implants. If she was born with a condition that caused her to have some teeth missing, and if thi congenital , which is a good argument for the insurance company have to pay at least part of the cost of bone grafting and sinus lift ?
Should my father still have me covered on his health insurance plan?0ahmede2012-07-02 13:33:02
My parents have been divorced since I was 1. But all these years he's been paying child support. As soon as I graduated high school the child support checks stopped. (I'm 20 by the way) The only thing that he was doing after graduation was paying for my health insurance because that was the agreement he made with my mom. About a year ago I called the health insurance company and asked until when I was covered. They told me until 2017. The other day I went to the doctors because of my asthma and they told me the card was deactivated. When I called my dad and asked him what happened, he told me that the company made a mistake by leaving me on until 2017 and so I was removed. My father has a tendency to lie A LOT. I personally don't believe him. I'm sure his wife told him to take me off the insurance. The thing is, I live in Texas and I'm a student. I'm pretty sure he's obligated to pay. Maybe I'm mistaken. Can someone please clarify if there is something I'm wrong about. I need real advice. Also, I'd like to know if I should hire an attorney. Thanks!

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