Got rearended and am hurt badly how much money can i claim on the personal injury claim? related questions

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Got rearended and am hurt badly how much money can i claim on the personal injury claim?0Yuki2012-03-26 18:10:58
was recently in a traffic accident in the main passenger riding the I-240 eastbound traffic, was at a complete stop due to the merging of traffic at the 35 to the south .... we come to a complete stop and rearended about 3 minutes later by a drunk driver at 75 mph also causes us to hit people in front of us. causing the truck to look like 'V' of the letter is not mine TRUCK. but it is safe MEET! I have severe neck and back told me they have whiplash and have been taking hydrocodone and Flexeril for muscle spasm in my neck is, the impact was so strong that it knocked his hat glasses my head out of my face right shoe for my foot, and was thrown out of the passenger door, and the script truck burst into peices no kidding! ! my door was opened when the truck turned from 180 facing traffic approaching, with the right leg hanging out. at that time I was in severe pain can not move my neck at all and my head and neck hit the window frame of the rear glass of the 97 ex-cab GMC I have glass stuck in his head to along with a lot of good scratches and still have remaing vessel in the head / neck and significant swelling at the bottom of the head, along with my neck, I'm on probation as well and I can not find a job asset to the request due to this accident, this is a bit too personal, but I'm sure your "pain and suffering" 1. I have trouble defecating bad my stomach hurts and my back. Also when I cough is like hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat ..... 2. As I am on muscle relaxants because of great pain and neck strain, also known as whiplash, I can not enjoy sex with my girlfriend. the amount of $ I have a right to? I feel that money is not the issue at this point, the question is whether / when / I can be better, but I need a round number to request staff enjury demand ... please share your information .... thanks! and be careful! !
Personal Injury Compensation Claim - How do Insurance Companies Calculate the Claim Amount?0Berni2012-05-08 01:08:43
Claim for damages for personal injury - How insurance companies calculate the amount of the claim?
Has anyone had a personal injury claim....?1male-gina 2012-03-29 16:45:22
has given an offer he refused , he was sent by a doctor (through the lawyers ) and has offered less?
Personal injury claim?8Andre2012-06-25 01:52:35
Help me here - we went to the house of our friends to a party - I came in, did not realize a step, fell down. We left immediately, went to the emergency room. Foot injury complicated - many fractures , surgery is scheduled, the recovery period is six months min. Can you file a personal injury lawsuit ? What are our chances and how ? Thanks in advance .
Can I claim for personal injury off own car insurance? UK.?3Arthu2012-04-22 03:50:37
I hit two parked cars while driving my car partners (police did not confirm my fault, as excess fat on the road - ambulance and police car and another car also almost crashed into the scene) Car is my partners and I am a named driver - I have whiplash and back pain and ankle pain - I will be able to claim off the insurance policy? My partner and I live together .
Personal Injury Claim Question?1Com1562012-09-25 04:32:02
In a personal injury claim if you make a new proposal and refused to be made ​​of his original offer still stands ?
Personal Injury Claim/Attorney Help?1Tiffany2012-06-02 03:34:44
Why is my lawyer wants to know if I had car insurance before medicine ? My car was not involved and I was not driving, I was a passenger when the driver crashed into a pole , which is how I got injured ! He received a DUI, I just do not understand why my lawyer asked me that question ? All help is appreciated !
Personal injury claim after medical?1Who Da Best? 2012-07-29 22:55:57
He had a RTA ( no fault ) it was by a doctor , the doctor said he needs more physio who said that the insurance company to resolve, and recovery of 3-6 months I've been diagnoised with whiplash, im wondering what happens after i havent heard from my lawyer and he said about making an appointment for the doctor , any idea how long i have to wait for the next stage?
Personal injury liability claim?1Cally2012-04-24 15:26:53
Affirmation injury liability ?
How much should I resonably ask for a personal injury claim? 09:34:02
I was in an accident (not my fault) with my two children aged 3 months. First this was very nervous because my shelf 5 yearold son has cancer of the brain and the skull is not solid because of brain surgery . The car was beaten on his side of the field. However, unless the tension adjuster handeling my car refused to put new parts on my car (which was only 11th -old ) and got mad at the body shop who also declined more than 3 days rental cars. Those were his exact words. Basically I have to file a claim with my insurance company . I can speak from my personal injury claim adjuster with another insurance company . I know you probably should not settle now, but it is almost impossible for me to get to the dr. And now she tells me that my husband will pay lost wages to stay home with my children for 4 days what happened. My husband works for the railroad so they do not get an hourly wage , and if you can not go off for 12-24 hours. For about $ 300 per day. What should I do?
Auto insurance claim/ personal injury?0Mick2012-07-22 23:16:02
So I got my first offer of the insurance claim made ​​due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident in November 2010 . I made ​​a low ball seriously, it is expected ... but I did not expect was that part of his reasoning is that ... think 6 months of chiropractic treatment is excessive and therefore only want to pay for 10 weeks worth . Because I have just been magically healed in 10 weeks. What I do not think it is reasonable to not want to pay in full a claim against his client was not licensed at the time of the accident. Therefore, the question is .... What am I doing here ? I'm looking at getting a lawyer. I did not want because the limits of personal injuries were so low that I'd just be giving money to the lawyer. You got screwed in damage to property are as they were above the limits of liability as well. Someone has to be sued ? Can anyone give me advice or just let me know how you handled a similar situation?
Is there any loopholes with getting out of a personal injury claim from a car accident?3Winni2012-06-16 07:11:01
I was involved in a car accident and my insurance company said it was my fault , and asked if I accept responsibility , he said, " No, I do not " next I get a letter from the womans ( hit me in the back ) attorney saying that she has medical problems because of this accident and now looking for a personal injury lawsuit . The police were not called to the scene of the accident when it happened. I do not mind paying for the damage to his car, but trying to scam money from me when she admits she is "okay" in my books, is a mistake! The name on the letter from your lawyer is not correct, and poscode not correct. Any advice on this would be appreciated. thanks

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