If in a car accident insurance can't determine fault am I still liable for damages in court? related questions

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If in a car accident insurance can't determine fault am I still liable for damages in court?5Christophe2012-11-04 11:23:03
I was in a car accident a while back , I scratch the paint of the other person. She called the police , who went and said it was so small that it could take to the streets safe. They wrote a police report , but said he had " taken note" of the incident in case I wanted to rescue the payment of damages. Well , the boy returned with damage over $ 1500 of repair of one. I tell you then maybe it's better to go through insurance if it would charge a lot . Since we have no documentation or proof , Geico , tells me that there was insufficient evidence to determine guilt in the case and close the case. Am I still liable to pay damages to him in court? He has been giving conflicting estimates and I'm not sure I can trust his math homework. I 've been through this in a safe place to avoid the hassle , but I think they'll open the box again.
What do you do when you are in an accident that was not your fault but the other driver's insurance company won't pay for the damages saying they cannot determine who was at fault4KoKaNeE BaBy 2012-08-07 19:38:03
My son was in a no fault auto accident and I need to know who's insurance will be liable for damages?0Tiea2012-10-25 07:49:28
My son had a car accident and nobody's fault I have to know who you are sure will be responsible for the damages ?
If you were injured in an accident and have no insurance is the person at fault liable for the damages and medical bills1Evelyn2011-12-12 14:32:03
How do you determine who is liable in an accident?0cj2012-06-25 10:19:38
I was at Publix Deland, when a plane crashed into the store I cause injury. Who is responsible? No stores carry a policy to cover the buyers. The driver had no insurance on the plane and unfortunately failed. Some people have said Publix does not cover this because it was not thier fault that the plane crashed , others have said their insurance would pay for it. Confused with a lot of bills to pay !
How do you determine if your insurance will pay for all damages in an accident1Norma2012-02-09 22:50:12
How do you determine if your insurance will pay for all damages in an accident
I had a car accident and I'm liable for the damages.?6Love Sick,Heartbreaker,Your the one that 2012-05-22 00:02:07
But the other driver was to repair your car without providing me with the quote or leave me a quote. Do I have to pay for this?
4 car accident, whose insurance company is liable for damages?3walrus2012-04-27 08:48:46
I was driving a 2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Sport in rush hour traffic, it had been raining so the roads were wet, the speed limit was 45 mph, but I was going 30 mph because of these two things, there was another truck traveling in front of me when he suddenly veered to the right lane and went, I was able to see the vehicles in front of me, about three car lengths away putting on your brakes, which had started braking due to the truck to turn the other lane, I began braking more difficult when the tires locked up and my truck would not stop, just slid until it was about five feet from the vehicle now before me when I realized that there is no way to stop my truck, so he tried to divert to miss him, but struck him now that he began to slide into the vehicle in front of me for the first vehicle hitting the brakes for the driving rain in rush hour traffic, was quoted by a ticket for careless driving, no traffic was backed up due to a red light and was in a turn lane, said he had least diversion into a neighborhood that stopped the vehicle behind him and hit the car behind her hit her and I slipped into the third vehicle. there was no way I could avoid hitting the tires locked up and my truck slid into the water, I was paying attention, not speeding, not even going the speed limit, and I was very close behind , I think it could have been even five car lengths behind and my truck still would not have stopped, my air bags did not deploy both, the first officer at the scene said that by law everyone was at fault and HED has to give all of us a ticket so instead of making him let's go take care of our own vehicles, well, then two more officers showed up and left the first. The officer who took my statement told me that I honestly wanted to issue a ticket, but by law had to, the first vehicle and last vehicle are by law the fault, but due to circumstances it rains and invaded the truck off at moments notice and it was above 4 vehicles that not only must pay the fine, but go to court and explaining to the judge and hed probably dismiss it. I asked the officer if I was able to sue in the first pilot of my damage, I have bad now whiplash, headaches and pain in the shoulder belt tightening up on me, told me that it is by I am given that your insurance information and personal information. Only I have the responsibility so I can not sue my insurance and I have about 1,500.00 2,000.00 damages to my truck. If this first pilot not only closed its brakes on the style, I mean that was like a car length between each vehicle due to rush hour traffic, I do not know how anyone in the rain could have prevented this. The driver in front of me and admitted he was falling into the vehicle ahead of him, and even if I had missed that would have finished behind the other car, my vehicle was not brought his car in his car by pushing car the first vehicle. It was a car that caused the accident. If the ticket is dismissed I can sue your insurance company? if you do not mean I'm fired S.O.L?
I was in a car accident and a cow was in the road and I ran into the cow. Is the owner liable for damages.?3Erin2012-09-09 22:15:03
Are responsible for vehicle damage only because I had to go to the doctor and I have whiplash in the neck and back?
Car accident no insurance on private property am i liable to pay damages?19grey-haired2012-07-05 12:54:02
Car accident no insurance to private property Am I responsible to pay damages?
If you let a friend borrow your motorcycle and they get into an accident are they liable for the damages?3youssef2012-09-29 04:42:03
My friend borrowed my bike and had a verbal agreement that if anything happened to him while in his possession that had to be held accountable. The bike does not have insurance b / c it is not necessary . He got a ticket for reckless driving accident . Now I am sent a bill to the car and I have hit my estimation motorcycle, which declared before borrowing if nothing had happened to take responsibility , and of course , now says it will not pay . If you sue based on the above information, it is likely that the judge will make you pay for all the damages? I really need guidance on this please and thank you!
Is the insurance company liable to pay damages to any cars that were hit during an accident when the person had a DUI1Mongolia2012-03-27 19:09:57
Is the insurance company liable to pay damages to the cars that were hit during an accident when the person had a DUI

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