Can I have a friend drive my unregistered car to the smog station? related questions

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Can I have a friend drive my unregistered car to the smog station?1u have m.p.s. 2012-04-04 19:01:41
I live in California and I really need my car smog . But here's the problem: My license has been suspended for a while. I'm all paid up to date, but will not go through until next Thursday. (CA Govt . Takes Forever) I need my car as soon as possible . If you drive to the station and stopped the police will have an impact on my license is suspended and show that the car will be impounded for 30 days. If my friend stopped ( going to be a passenger) in the unity of the season I'm sure you'll get a small fine , but I'll pay that, because a business is much smaller than if I was driving the vehicle. Is it worth the risk? Or should I take another day of work next week and sort it out then ?
What do you do when you lose your smog registration form? can the smog check station still do the check?2squirrel2012-05-03 02:01:57
What to do when you lose the registration form smog ? can the smog inspection station still do the check?
What do I need to have my own smog check station?0Ravenous 2012-03-14 21:13:52
What do I need
How am i supposed to take my car to smog if it is unregistered?2KoKaNeE BaBy 2012-03-20 09:09:40
I bought the car from a dealer out of state and is being sent to me in California. How are we supposed that the smog that is registered at the DMV ? I'm pretty sure if a cop saw my car with dealer plates state that I pulled over .
Can I drive my car to an MOT testing station when the MOT has expired?17lark2012-06-06 13:44:03
I am having trouble getting an appointment for my car MOT at a time when I'm at work and before the expiry of the 28 th. I'm sure I've heard that it was allowed to drive a car with expired if you'rem ITV will get one. Can anyone confirm this? thanks
Can I drive my car to MOT station even if it is on SORN? I am not ready to tax it yet?2Erika2012-08-28 11:51:14
the car is safe
Where can I drive my unregistered vehicle?0Gen2012-03-27 05:34:29
I have a dirt bike , go kart, car gear shift and gas scooter . (Paid by me), where it is legal to drive. I live in Massachusetts, and none of them are registered. I am aloud to drive on the sidewalk , street or anywhere. If something only applies to one thing please say which one applies .
Who pays when i drive off with the gas station hose in my gas tank?2お Wǒ Yidianbuqi2012-05-10 13:03:05
i went with the hose still attached , the rapid release did its job and the hose just dropped right in front of my car. curtiously i went and took my insurance information and 2 weeks later my insurance was contacted by the damage? this is normal procedure ? I fight it ? I thought I was being polite and that in most cases not even know who she left with the hose. not that I started with the hose, is stil there and they might have to connect in minutes. what angers me is that I am your customer and if they go after me I will not by the gas at their stations , and must be 10K over my life driving in the future. How can it work for them ?
How can i drive an unregistered vehicle to my town mechanic?6) ã„£ you really bad -2012-04-29 13:21:59
not registered , not inspected , simply take it to the mechanic without plates !
How long does it take for california dmv to receive my smog check information after a smog test?1Andre2012-05-22 09:20:21
How long does it take for the California DMV to receive information from my smog test after a smog test ?
Just brought a carwith no mot or tax and still havent insured it is it illegal to drive it to a test station??1Pearl2012-09-19 17:58:03
Just brought a no mot or tax carwith and still havent said that it is illegal to drive a test station ?
Can Your Smog License be Taken away if you tamper with the smog machine on accident?1tortoise2012-05-23 14:48:51
Recently I 've " Altered " with my business machine SMOG (People in California have more of an idea of what Im talking about) in a test only station , I pushed a button that was not suppost . I did not know we were not suppost to touch the button on the computer SMOG. Now , I have no idea whether the company will be fined by me pressing the button, or if my Smog license will be removed. That's why I ask this question .

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