GAP insurance when car loan is from family member?

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Bad Ass
Asked at 2012-03-23 17:51:47
Usually, if you get a car loan from a bank, you can also get insurance with coverage of BPA.

In the event that total the car, the insurance company will pay the difference in market value of the car and you owe the bank .

What if instead of using a bank, is one of my parents who pay the money? ¿ I can have GAP coverage on insurance ?
Answer1cuckooAnswered at 2012-04-26 03:38:03
This can be done with certain insurance companies . Check with progressive 've made ​​a payment under the settlement of the loan / lease (similar to BPA ). This person had a contract drawn up , as it was with a family member and club records are maintained on both sides. They were able to produce periodic checks of paper to demonstrate that payments made ​​to the family member . Only cash could have affected the recovery of overpayment of the loan / lease .
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