I have a family member who was hit by a car, the owner of the car did not have enough insurance and her? related questions

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I have a family member who was hit by a car, the owner of the car did not have enough insurance and her?0CONJ 2012-03-22 17:26:51
brother use your insurance. There was an agreement -in-law and took half the money because he helped her. Is that legal? Can you claim the money ? pro is it luck?
If an owner/occupant moves out, but leaves a family member living in the house, is it still covered?2Paul2012-07-26 19:38:03
For homeowners insurance policy of a typical house ? Or is that politics has to be transferred to the occupants to restore coverage?
When a family member dies when does there family get life insurance ?4Donahu2012-06-19 14:06:14
my best friends grandpa is very ill and fear the worst. unfortunately they do not have enough to cover funeral expenses for when that day comes, you have life insurance but do not know how long it takes for them to receive their life insurance benefits .. Does anyone know of this?
Have you had a Family member die with no insurance?1Veromca2012-06-18 15:04:02
We now nobody seems to know where we're going to get help for burial wxpenses
GAP insurance when car loan is from family member?1Bad Ass 2012-04-26 03:38:03
Usually, if you get a car loan from a bank, you can also get insurance with coverage of BPA. In the event that total the car, the insurance company will pay the difference in market value of the car and you owe the bank . What if instead of using a bank, is one of my parents who pay the money? ¿ I can have GAP coverage on insurance ?
Can I buy life insurance for a non-family member?1Valerie2012-10-25 15:58:02
I know this 60 year old guy, he looks homeless but isn't. Looks like he could go at any time. He never eats. Just drinks beer. My friends and I would like to take out a life insurance policy on him. He says it would be okay.
Can you put someone on your health insurance that is not a family member?1DELLI2012-08-20 15:40:26
My boyfriend is applying for health insurance through your job and need health coverage as well. I may add to its policy even though they are not family?
How can I get health insurance for my family member?0Juanita2012-06-25 14:12:36
My cousin has absolutely no health insurance, and he has never been to the dentist . At this point , you really need extensive dental work. Unfortunately , his parents are ill equipped to help in this situation , and he is not old enough to get your own insurance (and is not of working age ). Basically, it is impossible for parents to get insurance for him , so I want to help her myself. Since I'm not his father, and the slight age difference makes it impossible for me to pass by her father, do not see how I can put it on my insurance. It does not really talk to their parents , so that makes it even more difficult to coordinate anything with them. I do not make that much money , so I could not pay for the work only of my pocket. Some kind of financial assistance is only a necessity. What I can do to help pay for this dental work ?
Do any body know how to get help to burial a family member with no insurance?1 한정사 2012-05-06 17:56:37
Not everyone knows how to get help for the funeral of a family member without insurance?
Can I add a non-family member to my auto-insurance plan?0Salim2012-07-21 18:24:02
I use USAA. I was wondering if I could add my boyfriend as part of my insurance plan, and he would just pay me when the bill comes. We do not live together yet, so I'm wondering if this is possible. He'd be driving his own car. The reason I'm asking is because USAA has good rates and I was wondering if I could share it with him.
Can you take out a life insurance policy on a family member?3Enoc2012-06-10 23:18:35
I have a sick parent , which is unfortunately locked and refuses to update his policy, he will not likely be able to settle their affairs end in the event of your death . What recourse do I have as a son ? ¿ I can install and pay for my own policy to fill the void? I mean the difference between my mother who lives at home , and possibly leave destitute. ( I'm kind of hoping to be the knight in shining armor in this case)
Family member cant cash insurance check need advice.0-NeObLaZtErS- 2012-08-29 02:48:03
MedlinePlus My brother received a settlement of 401k for my late sister in law. He is a citizen of another Counrty citizenship and applied for citizenship last 9 months, but not yet received. She died four months ago and still owe money for funeral expenses. You can not cash the check b / c it does not have two forms of identification . The unique ID that has a maturity of your home country . How can you have two forms of identification ? How will cash the check ? Expires in 20 days so we will have to re-issue if not then copper . Also, the check is 30k , so I think that is another reason that local banks have been reluctant to deal with it . MedlinePlus He does not have a bank account . I asked my credit union if it is copper and was told that I need two forms of identification . Is this necessary even if it is signed by me ? Banks family has talked made ​​it sound like nothing could be done if no additional identification .

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