Can parents be sued for liability for a 19-year-old child on their insurance in the event they are charged with causing a personal injury accident related questions

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Can parents be sued for liability for a 19-year-old child on their insurance in the event they are charged with causing a personal injury accident2. hurt 2012-08-07 00:52:45
Can parents be sued for liability for a child age 19 on their insurance if they are accused of causing an accident with personal injury
If a minor child who does not have a driver's license is involved in a fatal accident while driving a friend's car can their parents' insurance company be sued0Genevieve2012-03-20 15:49:08
If a minor child who does not have a driver's license is involved in a fatal accident while driving a friend's car can the parent company be sued insurance
Can I sue the parents or the minor (17 year old) who caused injury auto accident.?0Sparklez2012-10-25 03:54:00
I was beaten for 17 years aa driving a stolen car . I was injured and my car was totaled . My health insurance companies and self paid my bills , but I want to sue the guy who hit me . Their parents have a lot of money and it seems that left him do what he wants . He lives at home and no job, no driver's license or insurance . He was allowed to attend teen court and all charges against him were dismissed . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have constant pain and scarring and is free. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do?
If the primary has let her insurance lapse due to non-payment is the cosigner in danger of being sued in the event of an accident1Lawrenc2012-05-07 09:48:42
If the principal has let his insurance lapse for failure to pay is an endorsement in danger of being sued in the case of an accident
Personal injury liability claim?1Cally2012-04-24 15:26:53
Affirmation injury liability ?
My son was involved in a car accident & is being sued. He has $100,000 liability. Can he be sued for more?7 호격명사 2012-08-20 08:06:02
Lives in New York.
How long to settle personal injury case where liability is admitted.?0shank2012-07-17 11:48:02
The accident was a rear end and there is no disputing that the gentlemen was at fault and not my friend. Even in a wildest case scenario the insurance company couldnt come up with an excuse. A demand letter was made and adjuster didnt respond an suit has been filed (which hopefully will pressure them to settle out of court). Police reports say it, witnesses say it, the guy admits it. How long will it typically take to settle a case like this? My friends is always pissed off and thinking about the lawsuit because he wants his money and the incident behind him. I have noticed his attitude is angry all the time now. So typically how long do these things take (it hs already been 10 Months ) that way I can ease his nerves a bit
What should I do if the guy that I had an car accident with sued me for injury, and I don't have money to pay?0Niño Luther2012-11-05 02:13:20
HELP PLEASE! I am 23 years old, and living in Ontario, Canada. I had a small car accident with a guy (It was my fault), and he sued me and my automobile insurance company for 1 million and fifty thousand dollars for injury of body (headache, leg ache, and psychological...). But currently, I don't have money (even one thousand dollars) to pay him. What should I do if I lose in a lawsuit?? Should I pay for him using rest of my life???!!!! Will the automobile insurance company help me to pay it since it was my fault in the accident (I bought "one way coverage" automobile insurance)? What is the correlative law in Ontario. I am so freak out now, hope someone can help me!
Getting sued for bodily injury car accident?0Ren2012-08-03 10:48:03
I ran a red light almost a year ago, causing an accident, 17 at the time.. then almost 6 months to a year later mom calls and says it came back up. I talk to the company ( paragon subrogations) and they say I owe 10,000 for it. he had full coverage, I just had property damage insurance, this is in Florida. so on the ticket it reads " causeing an accident with no injuries.. then 6 months later he's hurt?? k. so I talk to this guys. still have not signed anything. but he said set up a payment plan. and pay roughly 120 for 6.5 years by western union check money order or whatever. I was like do I have a choice? they said no. now I want to get a public defender and take it to court. to at least drop it a certain amount. any help would be great. thank you
I'm being sued over an auto accident that involved an injury. They've been negotiating with my insurance...8Gill2012-06-19 02:18:45
But my insurance does not cover what you are asking . Will my policy pay what you can and leave me the difference ? Or will I continue to pay the skyrocketing price and the total amount you want from me ( if he wins )? I 'm afraid they're blwoing this out of proportion and are unfairly milking me of my worth. I am a student and my tuition is equal to what they want. I've never been sued before and I feel like a bad person , does this on my record? Can these people really milking every penny ? It will be a judge can determine what is fair? Help !
In the event of an automobile accident may your auto insurance coverage be denied if it is revealed that you have incorrect personal information within your current policy ie address ie violations1naan thrower 2012-05-01 13:13:08
In the case of an automobile accident your auto insurance coverage may be denied if it is revealed that you have correct personal information within their current violations ie policy , ie the direction
Does Section 125 prevent you from dropping your medical insurance coverage mid-year if you have a Qualifying Life Event birth of child ie you no longer want dual coverage0Sabina2012-03-20 16:17:53
Does Section 125 to avoid dropping the health insurance coverage mid-year if you have a qualifying event birth the child's life is, you no longer want double coverage

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