My girlfriend wrecked my car, striking a small pole damaging the rear quarter, best way to proceed? insurance? related questions

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My girlfriend wrecked my car, striking a small pole damaging the rear quarter, best way to proceed? insurance?10Kelvina2012-06-22 10:01:21
she is safe, separate from mine , I want to report that she also your insurance company . she did an accident report as the concrete pole was not damaged. but I'm wondering if this is necessary? Also do not want to inform my insurance company but yours. its been 36hrs , any advice on how to proceed? I live in Ohio. I have a friend who has the upper body joint in town, you will do the calculation , work, etc. Any advice on this whole scenario? police report ?
Think I found the truck responsible for damaging my car in parking lot. How do I proceed?0twisted angel 2012-05-14 15:34:44
My car was damaged in the parking lot of my apartment complex early in the morning one night last week. I saw the truck that he did it again last night . I do not want to involve the police and make the person in trouble, but I definitely want compensation for repairs. Ideas on how to handle this situation? I do not think the truck belongs to a resident here, but I can confirm that with the building manager ...
If your tire blows out and you hit a telephone pole how much would it cost to replace that pole without going through insurance1Madge2011-12-22 21:21:03
If your tire blows out and hit a telephone pole how much would it cost to replace the post without having to go through insurance
Should I take my nutty ex-girlfriend to small claims court?0betsy miller2012-08-14 21:26:03
So I sent a question the other day , asking if renters insurance will cover my personal property was damaged and destroyed by my nutty ex -girlfriend. This is what I posted : My ex -girlfriend had entered my house and destroyed my property. Unfortunately , my roommate in the house she also left her in my room. I am very upset with him because I knew the relationship was over and she had no business being there , but that's another story. She wrote on the walls and my blinds with black permanent marker , put baby powder over my flat screen TV , I broke the drawers of the dresser and wrote all my clothes and shoes with a black permanent marker and I also stole hair clippers . I contacted the police to obtain a police report so you can get a restraining order against this woman. They take it to small claims court financially savvy or should I file the protection order , that my help renters insurance on personal property and paint my room and lay down the shutters myself for around $ 250.00 < br > If I do to take her to small claims court in Oklahoma , what is the filing fee of about $ 2000 in damages? What does it cost to a service processor . If I when, how does the money get to me? I heard if you win in small claims court may have to pay money to foreclose on you and you may have to find a way to get even yourself?
My girlfriend rear ended a person in my rental vehical. she wasnt on the list of drivers.What happens now...?0count noun2012-03-03 04:40:49
So my girlfriend took me a rental budget and see her friend on the way home that finished behind another vehicle which in turn collided with another vehicle. my rent is not able to drive now. the car was under my insurance, but she was not on the list of people to drive. Is this going to remain covered by my insurance? And what is this going to cost me , if out of pocket if not ... I have roadstar ...
I have no insurance and was rear ended, can I win in a small claims court?1Meroy2012-03-16 02:13:23
I just want to know if I was not sure when I was back ended by another vehicle that had insurance, can I can take that person to small claims court and have them pay all my expenses ? I know because the other person back I ended and now they're claiming it was my fault and I do not want to be guilty of something that is not my fault and I would like to know if its worth fighting for , as he had no insurance
You wrecked your moms husbands car you were covered on the claim for the wreck and you had permission to drive Can he take you to small claims court over the damage to his vehicle1Justin2011-12-16 11:03:49
I've got small 4 chips in my rear bumper how much would it cost to get this repaired?1Sabrina Goodridge2012-08-03 04:22:02
I have 4 small chips on my rear bumper how much would it cost to get this repaired?
Why are the auto workers striking? Don't they make a lot?0Remi2012-07-21 08:31:03
saw on the news today that 45,000 UAW workers are striking against Chrysler. They also said that these workers make around $25 an hour PLUS benefits (I assume this means health insurance and a pension plan). I don't understand why that's a problem. I've never made more than $10 an hour at any hourly jobs. Even when I got paid salary, I worked so much more than 40 hours, there's no telling what my hourly pay worked out to. $25 an hour to me would be the jackpot. That's about $50,000 a year. With benefits, that's a VERY good job. So why are they complaining. Why can't I get a job like that? Much of it may be that they're losing these jobs b/c they're going overseas or to Mexico. I agree that's not right
What are the striking advantages of utilizing these help Gummies desserts?0TigerWoodscbdgummiy2022-04-27 01:36:22
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How long is a quarter period in insurance?0Charmin2012-07-09 01:49:02
My insurance says: Family coverage : $ 2,213 for each quarter How long is that? 3 months or what?
How much Profit did the health insurance industry make this quarter?2Help!!!!2012-08-25 08:39:19
How much profit is the health insurance industry in this quarter?

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