Girl hit my car but can't be reached by her insurance company? Am I stuck paying for the my damages? related questions

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Girl hit my car but can't be reached by her insurance company? Am I stuck paying for the my damages?6Blanche2012-05-29 06:50:48
The accident occurred two weeks ago in the parking lot of a convenience store . The area was completely clear , so I started to leave. I fully support just out of my parking spot. Looking down to put my team in Drive mode , a girl back up and hit the passenger side back door. She admitted that the accident was his fault, but quickly called his "daddy " when he wanted to exchange insurance information . He came and tried to "solve " the issue . She only had a scratch , while my car was a major gap. Since there were no injuries , do not feel the need to call the police ( and naive stupid move , I know now). But he did not need my data but I get a copy of them, along with his cell phone and office number , as even the father knew it was her fault. Immediately after , I went to my insurance company and called her insurance and made a claim. Two weeks later and your insurance company has not sent an adjuster to inspect the car because they are having trouble getting to them for their account of the accident. What I would like to know is : 1 . Is it still too late to go to the police and report it ? 2 . What if I do not ever get a hold of these people? 3 . She gave me a youthful appearance , like in high school youth. Is it a problem if she only had a learner's permit ? His name was on the insurance card, so I think she was uninsured. 4 . My only other option is to sue to get my car? Any advice would be helpful . Thank you.
Would a 14-15 yr old girl like some Ugg style boots for Christmas? I'm stuck between 2 styles to choose from.?1-][email protected][- 2012-04-11 12:21:22
A girl of 14 to 15 years old, as Ugg boots for Christmas style ? I'm stuck between 2 styles to choose from. ?
Who is going to be stuck paying for my car accident?0Dippy2012-07-10 19:46:01
I'll make this short: Girlfriend was driving. I was the passenger. Motorcyclist hit us head-on and did not survive. It was his fault and the police and insurance companies know . My girlfriend and I have car insurance. The motorcyclist was only car insurance (not motorcycle) . My girlfriend and I are the costs of hospitalization and his car was totaled . Are we stuck paying all our costs? What are the chances of your car insurance cover anything? Covering all, what can we do?
Am i stuck paying for my teens car insurance if their father doesnt want to pay it?1서수 2012-08-10 22:37:02
We both have the physical and legal custody , and both live in California.
What is the length of time an insurance company must pay a claim after a settlement has been reached in Ohio.?0Jacklyn2012-08-04 14:58:50
This is with respect to automobile accidents in Ohio. An agreement has been reached and not know how long I have to wait for the settlement check .
Insurance not paying claim but other companies are for the exact same damages?0☻ Vanessa Sarafina ☻2012-07-26 20:15:02
I live in a city that was flooded this summer and part of prevention efforts was the construction of this monstrous secondary dam (which was not necessary). This dam was to the second floor of the houses that are placed against. This caused the wall and windows to collapse and go to foundations. I have flood insurance and homeowner, fortunately, my flood insurance pays for damage from flooding (water touched anything) but my homeowners insurance has denied my claim for structural damage caused the dam (garage wall collapsed, broken window allowing a portion of the dam to sit in my living room, changed the support beams in the basement, and all the trees, grass retaining wall near of all bulls asleep). My situation same neighbor took her home was paid almost entirely by the damage caused by the dam is with State Farm. A friend who does not have flood insurance, but his damage was paid for flood damage due to basement backup with water (cut electricity and sewage backed up due to flooding) he's with USAA. My guy in Farmers Union is saying that they do not pay b / c it was "related to the flooding" no flood damage b / c it is his fate "related to the floods." His advice was to wait 3 years or so you probably need to get a class action lawsuit is the law and try to collect it. I think that this can not be to say that everything in this area. Should not pay my insurance and if they want the money, then they should be going after him? What steps should I take now? I still need a place to live with my family, my property is now completely destroyed and Farmers Insurance UNION give a damn? ? What is the point of having insurance if you not sure?
What can I do if the Car insurace is not paying the remaining balance on the damages of my car?1Danijel2012-08-20 20:33:02
I have a car accident a month ago. The guy who hit me insurance. They estimate that the damage to my car. , So we willing to pay. Payment is sent to me, but the actual cost of repair has a balance of $ 800 dollars . And I still call the insurance company and do not want to pay that balance.
I had a accident hit someone in front of me .would i be better off paying for the damages myself or insu.?6Augus2012-04-17 02:42:15
500 deductible not sure how high my rates would rise, and this is my first acc. I have 24 years ..
Car was stuck on Icy road, would Insurance company consider the case as an accident?0Mant2012-10-11 00:25:09
I was driving my car ( FWD ) in the shopping district . It snowed 4-5 days and the temperature was around 30F . Ice was acquitted on some main roads , but many of the neighborhood streets were still covered by a thin layer of ice. I went to a supermarket less than a mile away . I was stuck in the middle of the road for the trip back home . The car was unable to move on the ice . I have to leave the car to avoid traffic. Company Response Insurance roadside assistance was to send a crane 9 hours later (midnight of that day ) and suggested I look for other solutions for myself . Finally a local towing company arrived and provided a $ 200 winch service . The tow truck driver told me I should be able to sue for minor accident from the winch was used due to bad road conditions . I received the result of the processing of the application and the insurance company will only pay $ 50 towing reimbursement because there was no damage to the car . Do I have a choice?
Had a car accident and decided to settle it privately, I'm the one paying the 08:14:02
What do I need to get proof that I have made ​​the payment , once I have to pay ? to pay the garage directly or transfer money to the account of another person or being proof do I have to get paid anything? How I can do ? I really do not want her to deny it later. I need something that does not contain questions.
Have you ever got stuck in choosing the right towing company?1Corneliu2012-04-23 23:28:46
Ever got stuck in the choice of the towing company right?
How come when an Asian guy is in love with a Latina girl or a White girl it's impossible to get life insurance?0lok2012-10-26 21:52:31
Why when an Asian guy is in love with a Latina girl or a white girl who can not get life insurance ?

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