Girl hit my car but can't be reached by her insurance company? Am I stuck paying for the my damages?

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Asked at 2012-03-20 02:18:46
The accident occurred two weeks ago in the parking lot of a convenience store . The area was completely clear , so I started to leave. I fully support just out of my parking spot. Looking down to put my team in Drive mode , a girl back up and hit the passenger side back door.

She admitted that the accident was his fault, but quickly called his "daddy " when he wanted to exchange insurance information . He came and tried to "solve " the issue . She only had a scratch , while my car was a major gap. Since there were no injuries , do not feel the need to call the police ( and naive stupid move , I know now). But he did not need my data but I get a copy of them, along with his cell phone and office number , as even the father knew it was her fault. Immediately after , I went to my insurance company and called her insurance and made a claim. Two weeks later and your insurance company has not sent an adjuster to inspect the car because they are having trouble getting to them for their account of the accident. What I would like to know is :

1 . Is it still too late to go to the police and report it ?

2 . What if I do not ever get a hold of these people?

3 . She gave me a youthful appearance , like in high school youth. Is it a problem if she only had a learner's permit ? His name was on the insurance card, so I think she was uninsured.

4 . My only other option is to sue to get my car?

Any advice would be helpful . Thank you.
Answer1CamilleAnswered at 2012-04-02 20:19:58
First, calm. # 1: Never too late Feb. 2 to make a report to the police made ​​an excellent idea and the sooner the better . Extra tip : take photos. Not only ur car , but the location, points of view. # 2 : u say it 's only been 2 weeks , but keep pursuing this. Call ur ins . company , hers , (she is probably ins. with his father) . Be consistent . Bug, but harass. Ins. companies do not like paying , but when ur right ur right. I congratulate u to have ins. # 3: If she only had a learner's permit , you should not have been driving alone. Do you understand ? Maybe " daddy" did not know she took the car , etc , which means " father " is totally responsible for everything and 4 his "girl " may not be able to get your license. (sounds like it could be better - the lack of accountability , which is going to hit next ?) But no matter what, if she is under 18 years, " Dad " is responsible , and could go to jail if takes care of this. # 4: Only as a last resort , of course. But do not think it will get there. Hope this helped. You seem very responsible , another tip : Call your INS. PEOPLE , every day if you must . T * Hey , count ur blessings . The girl that hit my truck friends, ( I was a passenger) was found to be driving a stolen car and headed for Mexico. Su, and I'm sorry , maybe Urs, ins. rates rose. Stick to it , u'll figure this out.
Answer2 ● __ Jueban cake relic -Answered at 2012-04-04 20:59:00
Let your co -insurance. handle this situation. If you are not sure the fault is still
better, because the co -insurance. pay and go after them for not
$ Back.
Answer3MoselleAnswered at 2012-04-17 20:04:10
The insurance company will have to pay. You have to press . Most police agencies have no reports of accidents of private property anyway.
Answer4magpieAnswered at 2012-04-21 01:23:35
You could try going to the police , but they no way you can test it yet. If your name is on the card is covered. If they can get a hold of it, can not afford it . sounds like a trial could be your choice , but unfortionatly without a police report that will be difficult to prove your case. I hope you took pictures .
Answer5Jiggle Shopper Answered at 2012-05-03 04:07:26
You are getting lots of advice. Some of it is good and some not.

The loss occurred on private property for most police departments responding to the scene anyway unless there is an injury or a serious accident. You can still file a police report , police report but it would be a face and therefore not really an accurate test of the loss.

If the insurance company never expected them to be denied the claim for lack of cooperation , which is one of the duties that (they ) are under the insurance contract. Before this is done many letters and phone calls have occurred and usually not done before 30 days. They were also sent a letter couched in very strong peripheral functions under the policy. If still no response , then yes, you can deny the claim.

Your best option may be filing a claim with your own insurance company . If your deductible will apply , but there is a chance you would get that back. Your insurnace company then went after the offender is the other insurance company or the drivers directly . This is called suborgation . No fault insurance as someone mentioned has no connection with this claim whatsoever.

The reality is two weeks is not very long. I know it sounds like an eternity, but given time to do their job. They should at least send someone to take a look at your vehicle.
Answer6BlaiAnswered at 2012-05-29 06:50:48
Your insurance will pay anyway. Normally , you work your insurance company to sue the insurance company for damages. Sometimes the process can be a bit long in situations like this . You can go ahead and pay for damages if you want, but you will be getting the refund for the cost of having to pay reparations. Otherwise , you can only wait for a check stroke and fix it with that money.
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