Is your insurance liable if your vehicle wasn't involved in a fatal accident related questions

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Is your insurance liable if your vehicle wasn't involved in a fatal accident1Lee2011-12-31 01:41:33
It is your liability insurance if your vehicle was not involved in a fatal accident
If a minor child who does not have a driver's license is involved in a fatal accident while driving a friend's car can their parents' insurance company be sued0Genevieve2012-03-20 15:49:08
If a minor child who does not have a driver's license is involved in a fatal accident while driving a friend's car can the parent company be sued insurance
I was involved in an accident , it wasnt my fault but i have no insurance , what can i do about it ?3Rolanda2012-05-04 10:40:09
I was involved in an accident , it was not my fault, but I have no insurance , what I can do about it?
Was involved in accident,hit the back of car and wasnt insured.using international licence?11Paula2012-07-18 19:40:03
i hit the back of my head and car.smashed hosp.was been taken to the police station and discharged and you do not . advice please.
My brother was involved in a car accident. The car is under my name & he doesn't have insurance, am I liable?1Do not. Xu -2012-06-19 17:00:49
the accident was the fault of the other party ( I think I was drunk ) they are trying to take my brother and I to court what is the worst that can happen to me , I get a lawyer ? Besides, he does not even have a license!
My boyfriend and I were involved in a car accident, the insurance company say we are liable confused?0BUG2012-10-09 08:54:55
just what my prtner stops at an intersection in a 20 mph zone behind the car A, we are saying to the left and so is A. car is a huge white van parked just to the right of the junction which is illegal as it should park at least 10 meters from any intersection but the cars always park here, we could not see what was coming from the right of the path we are pulling a. So a car is removed quickly and while doing so begins to push out trying to get a better veiw of the road, it all happened very fast, from the right another vehicle (car B) comes speeding around the parked vechcles and have to swerve very hard to avoid a car, just missing, but skidded on the road and traveled along the front of our car causing quite a lot of damage (we were stopped at this point) b car left skid marks quite clear in the way and obviously came speeding and exchanged details with us, then went on his way, while we had to park the car and walk home not far thankfully. My partner contacted police as soon as we got home that showed no interesst at all, so then called the insurance company. Within two weeks we received a letter from the insurance company saying they were responsible and that they would go ahead with this guys claim his arguing the case said, but according to the insurance company because the binding edge admitt we blame us despite us, indicating the high way code that indicates clearly that we were acting appropriately in the crossing. The insurance havent done some research and seem to ignore the magnitude of the damage to our car could not of been caused if hd been driving at 20 mph plus having to swere Driving! I do not know what to do honestly believe we were not at fault, I mean if it was bloody van blocking the way this did not happen as we were meant to do, turn around and not use the crossing that wouldnt of been possible no way ...
I was involved in a car accident my insurance has was not in effect the other party was cited im i liable?1Chal2012-07-16 18:50:04
your insurance will replace or repair my car stuck in Ohio
Live-in boyfriend involved in car accident. Could I be held liable?2Brayden2012-04-14 05:22:55
My boyfriend had a car accident. He is fine, but your insurance will not cover all damages. We have lived together for almost three years (in California ), but do not share the finance, insurance , or anything of that nature. Can the parties to sue for damages me ( I have assets more) or am I immune? --- Concerned .
I was involved in a car accident, in which I was rear ended, had no insurance, should I be held liable damages11goldfinch2012-04-12 09:33:54
Just bought the car 11/22/2006 , the day before Thanksgiving, after 5:00 pm, 11/24/2007 am , I was rear ended. My damage was in the right rear , her dameges were in the back of the front. I was in the right lane . She said the police report that he tried to divert into the other lane to avoid hitting me. She says I got ahead of her. If the dealer as part responsible for leaving the car leaving the lot without insurance?
I was recently involved in an auto accident. I didn't know the car i was driving was uninsured, am i liable?6Laurel2012-04-19 12:35:45
I live in Utah and I have a car or take an insurance policy . I was running an errand for a family member (using no car ) when the accident occurred. What are my responsibilities, taking into account these circumstances?
How many times are you legally liable to give out your traffic accident information if a police was involved?0nekko2012-10-10 09:13:22
If you are in a car accident and the police are involved and make sure the information is correct , but somehow the insurance company can not find the information of car, how long you are legally responsible to disclose this information and car yourself ?
If your vehicle was involved in a accident....?2Harriet2012-06-02 06:59:47
If your wife or husband, intenionally driving your car into a metal bin and damaged the car quite badly , will the insurance company still cover the damages.

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