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Claim after accident in middle east whats best route?0Dunca2012-03-14 21:34:37
partner had accident ion form of work in the Middle East . Now unable to work and in pain. insurance works states that if he gets the evidence he be able to follow your normal kind of work more and more, are entitled to $ 50 000 . or should get an attorney to pursue a malpractice claim by Casualties ( ambulances case comes to mind !) so the chances of more money down Second Avenue , given its non-UK
Middle East Precision Medicine Market0bisreports2022-05-26 05:54:28
•  What are the estimated and projected numbers for the global Middle East  precision medicine market  for 2020 and 2030? •  What are the drivers, challenges, and opportunities that are influencing the dynamics of the Middle East  precision medicine market ?•  What is the competition layout of the market?•  What are the parameters on which competition mapping is carried out in the study?•  Which key development strategies are being followed and implemented by major players to help them sustain in the Middle East  precision medicine market ? •  How are different segments of the market expected to perform during the forecast period from 2020 to 2030? The segments included in the comprehensive market study •  Which leading players are currently dominating the Middle East  precision medicine market   and what is the expected future scenario?•  Which companies are anticipated to be highly disruptive in the future, and why?•  How can the changing dynamics of the market impact the market share of different players operating in the market?•  What are the strategic recommendations offered in the study? 
the Middle East approximately 3000 BCE, while the North0Finighboy2021-10-04 02:28:09
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What is the best health insurance service for expatriates in the middle east?1Ebun2012-08-23 06:46:23
What is the best health care insurance for expatriates in the Middle East?
Will I be able to find a job in Medical Billing & Coding In the Middle East?0Dun2012-11-04 19:06:04
My husband was thinking of eventually moving to KSA, Saudi Arabia.. Can I take my career there with me? If not in KSA, anywhere else? I know many Arab countries don't have the use for insurance companies, but I was thinking if they still have use of Billin Coders?
In a three way accident on a highway whose insurance would the first and second car claim it from if you hit the car in the middle1Clar2012-02-26 06:51:05
In a three-way accident on a road where the car insurance first and second claim if you hit the car in the middle
How soon after an auto accident should you consult a lawyer (if you're going that route)?0annyomouse2012-08-05 18:30:02
I recently had an accident (3 days). I got into an accident a few years ago (almost exactly 4 years) .. have an attorney, and finally settled last year, but still not really know how everything works and not even remember the steps I took last time. I think I waited for my lawyer after another company tried to fix me (for thousands less than what ended up with .. they were only willing to give me a total of $ 600 for me and my daughter and I settled for $ 15,000 fewer lawyers fees and medical expenses). Anyway, all this is really inconvenient because I'm moving across the country in 2 weeks. Since the accident I was in 4 years, I still and probably always will have pain in my back and shoulders. I started getting massages once again a month ago because I stopped getting adjustments due to the fact that it can not now afford to pay for them out of pocket. I med. insurance with my employer, but until my deductible of $ 500 was beaten, I had to pay $ 40 for the adjustment until it was reached, and times are tough, so it was not able to pay. Now I'm unemployed, but have no standard Tri-Care with my husband, but Tri-Care does not cover chiropractic care, so anyway, I would have to pay out of pocket. I'm already having pain (since the day after the accident) on the back and a little more. I'm going to follow up this week, as well as my daughter (who was involved, but fortunately no damage). Since we are moving out of state, will be the other insurance company not cover physical therapy? And how will they be able to contact me about the solution as I am across the country? Should I get a lawyer now, even before I give an offer, because I know if I have to get one I'll have to fly back here to do it because you can only get a lawyer in this state since the accident occurred here . Just wondering when / if I must.
Can I change car insurance in the middle of a claim?0turtle dove2012-03-08 20:18:14
I bought a different car and want to change insurance company, but iin an accident and is currently paying my hospital bills. It was my fault as it was back over. ¿ I can find cheaper insurance for new car?
Auto insurance claim denied in the middle of investigation, what next?0Mentally2012-07-30 00:08:03
Recently my boyfriend and I were leaving Wal-Mart, and as soon as he was about to shift into drive after backing out of the parking place, a woman back out of her parking place right into the rear corner of my car. We had a police officer come and write out an exchange information sheet, he couldn't do much more than that because the Wal-Mart parking lot is private property. The woman admitted she didn't see us when she looked left and right and that she didn't look behind her, but she wasn't sure who was at fault. The information sheet had an agreed statement of that she backed into my car while my car was already in the aisle, so I proceeded to call my insurance company. We found out that the woman and I both had Nationwide insurance. I had my damages estimated, and then I didn't hear much from our adjusters for a while since my boyfriend was the one driving. When I finally heard from them, they said they couldn't get the surveillance video from Wal-Mart, even though Wal-Mart told my bofriend and I that they could and Nationwide refused to try any further. They said that since they couldn't prove 100% that the woman was at fault and there was a possibility that my boyfriend was even 1% at fault that they couldn't accept the claim and still refused to try and find out who was really at fault. I later found out that the woman told the insurance company that we backed into each other even though she agreed on the police statement and apparently didn't even know what happened at the time, and Nationwide refused to care that she changed her story for them. I asked my adjuster to ask her permission to give me her phone number and that they needed to get the video, and randomly I got a letter stating my claim was denied even though I was no where near done with the investigation and never heard back from my adjuster after a week and a half. The adjuster was not very professional at all, he didn't seem to want to do any work for his paycheck and he was even crying on the phone after my boyfriend politely told him he knew how insurance companies work but that for the prices we pay each month, insurance representatives should at least try to do their job. What am I supposed to do now? I refused to have any work done to my car until everything was settled. I left my adjuster a message to call me back a few hours ago and stated that I was not done with the claim and if he couldn't handle his job, then I need his supervisor's number or someone who could handle it. I'm entirely disappointed in Nationwide's complete lack of customer service and I shouldn't have to pay to fix my car when someone else backs into it.
I am in the middle of an auto claim and the insurance company is beating around the bush?1Amu2012-09-01 05:40:03
I was rear ended at a stoplight when the lady hit 35 miles per hour in October 2008. I have been battling back and forth with your insurance company claims adjuster is a complete idiot and I refuse to talk to him I said that if you need to talk to me must be in writing. That ended my treatment voluntarily because he would call and stop by my house constantly harassing me . I have sent my letter of request 3 times and the last time he finally said it has received. My doctor released all my papers to him more than 8 months. Well, yesterday I received a letter by mail saying "I've been waiting to talk to you about your treatment and check on it, which is why I've been wanting to discuss this with you by phone . However , we are not in a position to extend a settlement offer because it has none of the relevant records relating to their care. I have attached a medical release form so we can ensure the records necessary to fully evaluate your claim " What should I do now ? They have already sent these forms? Are they simply dragging even more?
Friend making fake insurance claim, I'm stuck in the middle?1duck2012-06-25 06:25:43
Okay so I've made this post, but I left some important things, so I'll ask again. Last night my friend was driving his car, and took a corner terrible, and your car scraping on the floor and I felt so bad I thought I tore the bumper off. (The roads are chewed they were traveling) Later that night we drove home, I did not know where he was going and she made me last second lane change, while changing lanes so fast, it also entered a bathroom that came from the sidewalk, as two feet and dropped at least 6 inches. That ended up hitting the curb, and I think it was because of the fall, I've never beaten a curb before so why now? Anyway, although I was only going 30 dented the rim wrong. I said that I will pay back of the rim and tire. She thinks that the friction on the bumper I was growing up hit the sidewalk, I do not think it was, but I told him to pay for it to get fixed. She told me not to worry about that, just the tire and rim. But now she wants to make an insurance claim, and say she was driving, and someone hit him from behind and pushed into the curb. She wants to do that so you can get the bumper replaced because it was all messed up when you bought it. It is one of 2009 he bought in 2010. He also wants to get the front end alignment much she paid for it's needed. I told him not to do this because she will get in trouble for insurance fraud. If she says someone hit her, and then there is no damage to the rear of the car that is known to be lying. It is also said "Uhm, why not have a police report if it was a hit and run?" Her husband does not want her to make the claim either, but she wants, I think his name is in what could only stop it. I just do not want to get caught in this big insurance fraud. I mean if I came to ask what happened, I will not lie, but I do not want **** about anyone, and look as if I were the defense and scratched ******. According to the principle is about an inch long and one centimeter wide, then a large white long that can be polished out. I do not know why she thinks it's a good idea. She said her friend body will have all the care and make the claim. Maybe I will say there is no way to fake that. Me and the husband has, but she will not listen. I do not know what to do. She said she did not want any money for the defense, only pay for the tire and rim, but still want to be in the middle of this. From now on, which are the only two people who know who was driving, so if he turns around and said it was me, she get in trouble even more.
If your in a car accident and your the car in the middle........?7Jill2012-03-13 20:38:08
I was pulling up a turn lane to turn left and the light was red , so he stopped behind the car in front of me like no one else would. I came to a complete stop. ( Normal stop going the speed limit on the right ) the car behind me , not completely pay attention after I finish what I did the rear of the car stopped in front of me. Will I be blamed for the injuries and damage to the car ahead of me, as their success is completed or after all the responsibility and the blame goes to the driver behind me? I'm worried because she was pregnant lady hit me and hit the stomach at the wheel. Please only experienced advice apply?

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