What do I need to have my own smog check station? related questions

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What do you do when you lose your smog registration form? can the smog check station still do the check?2squirrel2012-05-03 02:01:57
What to do when you lose the registration form smog ? can the smog inspection station still do the check?
What do I need to have my own smog check station?0Ravenous 2012-03-14 21:13:52
What do I need
How long does it take for california dmv to receive my smog check information after a smog test?1Andre2012-05-22 09:20:21
How long does it take for the California DMV to receive information from my smog test after a smog test ?
Can I have a friend drive my unregistered car to the smog station?1u have m.p.s. 2012-04-04 19:01:41
I live in California and I really need my car smog . But here's the problem: My license has been suspended for a while. I'm all paid up to date, but will not go through until next Thursday. (CA Govt . Takes Forever) I need my car as soon as possible . If you drive to the station and stopped the police will have an impact on my license is suspended and show that the car will be impounded for 30 days. If my friend stopped ( going to be a passenger) in the unity of the season I'm sure you'll get a small fine , but I'll pay that, because a business is much smaller than if I was driving the vehicle. Is it worth the risk? Or should I take another day of work next week and sort it out then ?
Witch one first Dmv ,smog check or insurance first?0ScienceConfusion2012-07-29 09:20:57
I am still not obtained correct answer, so I'll extend my question, I have a car was in the garage for 5 years, works well . I set for $ 1000.00 a Mechanique come to my house and fix it . Unfortunately I can not drive because he has no insurance, registration . So how I can take the Smog Check , without registration and insurance , police can stop me , so what if I go to DMV to obtain a permit tomporary and ask me for the first insurance. What if I go to the safe and they tell me we have to bring the car around to see it . Should I let tomporary handle , how long it takes to be overcome ? thanks
Smog check needed for a purchase of a Used Car?0Arvi2012-02-02 07:30:40
I have the letter of dismissal after buying a used car , however , California requires a smog certification if not done 90 days ago . Is that true ?
Can you get a smog check on a car in California without a tailpipe?1*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2012-04-22 03:43:53
The exhaust system is otherwise intact ...
If my car passed the smog check, does it mean it will forever pass it?0Psychoman 2012-03-27 06:42:38
If my car passed the smog check , does that always happen ?
Question about registration renewal and smog check in California?1Princess_17 2012-05-14 16:36:19
So I live in California. I received a notice stating that I had to renew my vehicle registration . One requirement was to have a smog inspection . Smog my car though. ¿ I can renew my registration since it became a smog check ? I do not want to go to the DMV and wait two hours just to be rejected because of the smog test failed ... so I'm asking here first.
If I sold my car, but the car does not pass for the SMOG CHECK, am I gonna have any problem with the DMV?0Marjorie2012-05-19 11:47:31
My car does not pass Smog Check . Since I sold it , and now the new owner is not the car registration and want to get into this situation. Do you have the right? Another issue is that I have a copy of the letter of dismissal, because I lost it. How I can show I've sold my car? The new owner was an accident and got a ticket for that. Please answer as soon as possible .
Just Paid Registration, I Need Smog Check, What & How To Complete This Process?2Kris2012-09-22 17:57:03
Hello I just paid my registration fee, but I need the smog check , so what should I do first? going to put insurance on the car, go find the smog test ? and after receiving the Smog Check what I have to do next so I can get my label? please help me with this process, because im doing tomorrow, Thursday and need to know what to do first and then do so I can start driving the car here in California ..... thanks !
That vehicles do not require smog check in the state of california?0ゝ Start 2012-03-15 01:14:02
My sports car is PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1976 model I'm confused because the DMV, said the vehicles over 30 years of age do not require pollution smog certificate DMV says that in early 1975 and the vehicles must have and the certificate of smog and 1976 and later this certification must be someone you know about this?

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