How do you know if your gas station is ripping you off? related questions

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How do you know if your gas station is ripping you off?2Mary Jane 01 2012-05-20 12:54:11
I say easy if you open lol
Car insurance ripping me off?3Doctor 2012-04-30 12:55:43
I'm in Mass and I have no option 1 ( full coverage) . My last car was outside my house by a hit and run while parked. I bought a Toyota Corolla 04 for 1500 to replace it. I was in an accident involving corolla earlier this month, and the insurance company says only going to give me 1500, as it is illegal to profit off the insurance payment . I can not change my car with a similar car for 1500, correct?
Is my orthodontist ripping me off?0navid 2012-08-15 22:17:02
Therefore, it was supposed to have braces for about 2 years, including an expander (which had a light bite, a rotated teeth , and only a few clusters in general) and ... every time I go to my orthodontist .. only changes the rubber bands and ... I'm supposed to do in August, but only the overcrowding has been fixed. He pulled the crooked tooth to the correct position , but then took what was to go and now, four months later ... it's back to the original form that was ... And I still have not yet had my expander ( which. . I was going to be keys usually before ... ?) . And recently , I just said " oh ... your bite will not be able to look through the keys and you have to do surgery." Really? ? ? And from the looks of it ... it will take another year to actually fix most things ( without surgery) and my insurance was supposed to cover 2 years after at first said that estimate will take about 2 years ... I really do not want to pay a full year of keys in my pocket because my orthodontist did not really do anything in my exams. :-/
Car Insurance ripping us off?5partridge2012-05-13 23:52:25
My fiance and I had a Scion Tc 05 and had only 14,000 miles on it. for some reason we were driving and stopped the car tried to restart the next thing you know there was fire shooting from the bottom of the car . This incident occurred on 9/23/06 and since then we have not heard anything from them. we talk to them on Monday after the incident and requested all information from us and they sent someone to take pictures of the car and left it at that . and later in which towed the car and threw it ; ... I called today to follow up and they said they sent letters to us via certified mail, to our knowledge, never received them. It's ridiculous , if we have received the letters have been given all the information. b / c I still have to pay in the car .. asked said proof has already closed the case that they have the most ... What should we do ?
Ripping off a wart, how to?0Raheem2012-10-17 00:15:02
I had a wart on the wrist for about 8 months , and still there . I have tried to freeze at least 8 times and has not left . So my next idea is to get a pair of needle nose pliers and rip the bastard . I want to steal versus cut because I think if I cut the roots will remain and that will only grow. How do I go about doing this? And I have health insurance now, so I can not get it removed by a doctor .
Is my driving Instructor ripping me off ?2Joanna2012-05-08 05:51:52
I feel my driving instructor is ripping me that I had 16 lessons and I did not start driving on the main road up to 11 lesson I have done nothing to reverse and have not been on the road duel had my test of a theory couple of weeks and said " that's a fact , but part of his far from his evidence" I feel upset because one of my friends started a week after me and has happened before me.I feel it deprives me blind and dragging the lessons, for example, made ​​me do a lesson on the mirrors Although normally used as it should. i have started to invest practiced with my mother in my street and in car parks , but I must say something and I say what I do or should change only ?
Insurance company's ripping us off in UK?2flame2012-08-02 02:47:53
my car was stolen and involved in an accident that got the youth who stole it , but said the man hit
Is Verizon ripping me off? & what can i do about this situation?0Adian2012-09-07 04:24:02
Currently I have insurance on my phone but I lost Verizon phone around May 10 and had no money to order a new one , so I plugged in my old Verizon phone until I got enough money to order one and today I tried to call for an and I told them what happened they said "we can not send a phone because its been 50 days since I got lost " and I'm really mad right now because I'm paying for the insurance, so we are not supposed to send me no matter what one and I'm still paying for that insurance .
Is my driving instructor ripping me off?5drew 2012-07-16 14:46:02
Now I've had about 15 lessons and everything I've learned is to turn in the road, highway and traffic circle. And each lesson, so for about 7/8 lessons, we've been doing the same thing is taking a new road and roundabout. Are you trying to cheat or stringing me out ? What should I tell him to let go ? Thank you.
Is our auto insurance company ripping us off?0jennifer white2012-08-26 02:42:03
My husband got a DUI about a year ago and now have to carry an SR22 insurance - I think also just expired , but not sure . We have insurance through farmers and our bill was due on day 22 of a month, this was on our own, so my husband went to pay the 20 and the agent told him that our company had changed expiration date so our insurance actually expired two weeks ago ! ! so its - SR22 started all over again (I have to carry , while expiring for a couple of years ) and put it in violation of his probation and if he had been in an accident in those two weeks would have been to jail as well as being personally liable for damages ! We were very upset about this and the agent says she tried to call , but we find that hard to believe because my husband gives your cell phone work required and have carried with him all the time for work , and if you happen to be in a service area that do not , I think she would have left a voice message . He said that since he allowed to lapse, we had to go with a more expensive policy and had to pay the full 6 months at the time. We have paid because we had to be secured , but I really feel that we are being deceived.
I think my driver's insurance company is ripping me off?2mouse2012-09-10 12:32:02
raised my insurance because I was uninsured for 15 days while moving the continents. They are not counting on the fact that I have never had an accident or incident in my years + 30 driving record, as well as parking tickets, and fifteen days before he had an impeccable record for 5 years. I think I'm being exploited to take the difference for young drivers because not even look at driving records of more than 5 years and in my case, I refuse to look within 6 months ago. WTF ? Does it matter or not as I am a zero-risk driver ? Surely this must be important to some company somewhere? Hello?
Is my doctor's office ripping off me and/or my insurance?2mojtaba nadimi 2012-06-25 12:56:33
I made an appointment with a new doctor for a regular checkup. It's been a while, so I did not think the analysis of blood / urine. When I got there I asked if I fasted , and I said no because no one had told me. So I had to return the next day to the evidence that was annoying , but whatever. But then I was charged an additional co- payment! He asked if I would have had to pay double if I have the evidence at the time the rest of the check and I said no. I told them that no one told me that fast, so I had to come in two different days, but he did not care .

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