How do you know if your gas station is ripping you off?

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Mary Jane 01
Asked at 2012-03-12 20:36:51
I say easy if you open lol
Answer1u_r_fat Answered at 2012-04-11 10:20:01
The first answer is half right. Just today the Texas Attorney General is filing fraud charges against a Texas oil company , who set their bombs to read the numbers right, but not despencing the correct amount. In Texas, the state sends to people with 5-gallon containers of glass with markings to show exactly what is 1,2,3.4.5 gallon . Also weighing the fuel at the same time scales digtal . The activation status of these bombs of 1500 and 900 of the company were incorrect amounts. The fine can be $ 2 million
Answer2ElijaAnswered at 2012-05-20 12:54:11
Do what you said the number 1, or take the final price and divided by the price per gallon in the same place with his cell phone.

Sometimes it can be very complex, some pumps can let gas meter before being pumped even in your car . In that case , it is important to measure the efficiency of fuel for your car. If the needle starts to dip faster than that then you can indicate that you are being scammed. Either that, or your engine is old ... This method requires that you regularly meters the car, but can be a test well in the end. My Ford Focus gets about 23MPG 21 100% in the city so if it goes below 18 - 19mpg then you may suspect I am being cheated at the pump, for example.
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