Direct price on auto insurance discount? Claims services, how to safely related questions

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Direct price on auto insurance discount? Claims services, how to safely0Aussie17 2012-03-11 01:31:21
Direct prices on discount auto insurance ? Claims for services, how security
How much is 7 years no claims discount as a named driver with Direct Line worth on a new policy?0Lei2012-06-14 11:49:48
If I take a new policy called my count is off the driver as normal or NCD is completely different ?
In addition to car insurance and insurance inquiries, we can then safely owner auto insurance direct online inquiries to what other information?1Doris2012-01-08 19:18:48
Besides car insurance and insurance requests, we can safely owner auto insurance online direct questions to what other information ?
Buy a safe car phone owners pay in addition to the national pass, call services and efficient settlement of claims, but also access to what other services?1Yoyo2012-05-11 08:58:24
Buy a safe car owners pay phones, in addition to the national pass , calling services and the efficient settlement of debts, but also access to services than others?
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USAA offering discount on insurance based on what services you currently have...?1Beautiful2012-10-04 09:28:02
I currently have a checking account and an auto insurance policy with USAA. They offer a discount on insurance based on what and how many products and services you have with them, therefore, I am thinking about opening a credit card with them (I do not plan on using it). I currently have an AMEX with a $6,000 limit and currently have a balance of $2000 I also have a Capital One Visa with a $500 limit and have a balance of $300. My credit score is 705. I already have 2 other checking accounts (Wachovia & ING) and another higher interest savings with ING, so I don't want any more banking services...and I don't plan on making any major purchases for another year or so (buying a house). Will it bring my score down considering the new inquiry and new card? Is it worth it to open a card and save a couple bucks on car insurance, or should I just leave it be?
Insurance Claims (Direct General)0katty2012-07-23 17:20:03
I am a Direct General customer and has recently been in an accident (more like March 2008) and my insurance company seems to not wanna pay up accurately! I do understand my deductible must be paid by me, but when the estimator came by to check the damages done to my car, he didn't even bother to let me know he was outside or that he was looking at my car. This resulted in an inaccurate estimate because he couldn't look under the hood. I took it to two other repair shops and got two different estimates. Each one looked under the hood and the first wrote up an estimate for $1490 plus, and the second for over $1500. The insurance company's guy said $477! They sent me $277. Leaving me to pay over $1200-$1300 that I shouldn't have to pay. Not to mention, the insurance company hasn't even given me an rental car. I am at my wits end and don't know where to go from here. I have an lawyer, but that situation is for a different discussion! Anyone with some insight on what I could possibly do to get my car into the shop for auto repairs and get into a rental car, please let me know because my car is really acting up and isn't too safe for me to drive back home in with my daughter! We stay in NW Arkansas and is in Central Arkansas now hoping the insurance company will call me in the morning before the repair guy get too busy!
I was refused home insurance by Direct line because I had had 3 claims in 2years.?3Plato2012-07-14 19:16:02
Is this ususally the case of insurance companies?
Can some one help me with no claims insurance discount?6cockatoo2012-10-24 13:15:03
hello I have bin driving and safe since September 2007 , unfortunately, because of money I can not pay taxes or run the car and am selling, I have only two monthly payments, as it was a more than 10 months , and so far no I called , so if I win my payment for a year without claims and cancel my insurance, you still have the advantage no demand without policly insurance and if so how long are represented without being insured? thanks
How do you get 'NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT' on car insurance?10snipe2012-05-24 10:26:05
Does my insurance isuue me with this if you have been, or I have to buy some sort of certificate?
UK Car Insurance - No Claims Discount?1holiday2012-09-26 07:30:04
My car insurance has come up for renewal and I'm looking for other insurance companies as an alternative to my current insurer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have had insurance with my insurance company for two years , one with a provisional license when I was learning , and one with a full license . He claims that in two years I have renewed my no- claims bonus . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I go to the websites of other insureres for an appointment that will not let me enter more years no - claims bonus of years I have had a full license . Does anyone know if the no-claims discount I got when I was a provisional license is recognized by other insurers ?
Do I have Insurance no claims discount?1Rachel2012-05-29 16:33:09
Hello, I had a car insured about 2 years and had 1 year with no claims bonus , but the car broke down on me and I could not afford the insurance , while I was trying to get it fixed . Therefore, it was canceled on me. Now I have a new car that is a much larger engine and is much more secure in it, but if he still had years 1 bonus unpretentious would be able to afford the insurance . I was with Tesco car insurance and had no claims discount , but I have my policy number of them anymore.

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