I passed my test in an automatic but my licence is for both auto and manuals!?

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Asked at 2012-03-10 16:28:50
I am writing this because a friend of mine passed the test in an automatic , and she was showing his new photographic license (yet I have a role of ' old style ' one! ), Which indicated that she is limited to driving automatic cars.

I checked my license and found that even though I passed my test about 25 years ago in an automatic car , my license does not present any restriction ... suggesting that if he could drive manuals .

What should I do after all this time ? Should I leave it ( I drive an automatic anyway), or should I call DVLA and explain ? What would they do, and I will have problems with them ... I am very worried about what would happen if I left it and each time had to show my license to the police or if I was involved in an accident.
Answer1 Kinky to be. such as grass Answered at 2012-03-11 07:57:32
originally it was legal to drive an automatic pass and then drive a manual, because it covers so much! .
later this loophole stopped. your license is probably valid , but if you drive a manual, without having proof that insurance coverage may cancel these days, simply because of their small print. for example , failure to disclose material facts affecting the " risk" to the insured. in short, any serious accident and possible ( though unlikely ) that may deny a payment on the grounds that they were not notified of this significant event.
I suspect that to be a permit issued it is early , in fact , for example , remains legally valid for both. is simply a legal argument for an insurance company pays if you have never driven a manual? if you have? then you will be fine . ( Since it is acceptable to choose a car just for personal preference , after having driven a manual and insurance company can not then do not pay )
if you are concerned about the validity of the license. How to write to DVLA. I'm sure you will respond in due time ( yawn) with a legal response .
My own thoughts .. driving a manual for a friend? for an hour or so. then you can legally claim to not only have to drive each type skills , but will have the experience to do so and insurance, etc is not a concern.
Answer2AlleAnswered at 2012-04-23 01:45:05
A license that prevents you from driving a secure transmission ? Never heard of that. I would not worry about that. Especially if they are not even driving a manual.
Answer3MirandaAnswered at 2012-04-28 04:21:07
If I were you I would contact the DVLA and check, because as you said if you drive manual and a mistake has been made can still be prosecuted if you drive manual ou know only call is automatically transmitted check the DVLA and I can say about the phone just to get confirmation
Answer4[email protected] G |/|()||3y Answered at 2012-05-02 19:45:05
Hello ..

I think the current rules say that if you have an automatic license treat you like a provisional driver if you want to drive a manual.
This will appeal to your insurance company .

The rights have been changed in the 90's , but I'm pretty sure the test car never qualified to drive manual.

Check with the DVLA and insurance company

Good luck !
Answer5MirandaAnswered at 2012-05-25 05:16:06
First, I advise you to dismiss a license photo !
As passed their test many years ago that may have restrictions , since usually only apply when people are getting the new licenses , depending on what restrictions yr changed!
For example , a friend spent 12 years ago and had all the txt minibuses and trailers ok for him to drive, I passed my test 2 years ago, and you have to do extra things for minibus capabilities on my license !
Failing that ring the DVLA !
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