In an auto accident 01/08,I got a check the other day for medical expenses, I have no bills. Is it really mine? related questions

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In an auto accident 01/08,I got a check the other day for medical expenses, I have no bills. Is it really mine?5Oscar2012-05-12 01:10:29
Accident was not my fault and insurance has paid all the bills so far - the check is $ 750.00. Not really know what to do with it , my lawyer has not solved yet, so I'm confused. What ?
I met car accident. My Medical bill $35000Insurance company gave check to me.Can i negotiate on medical bills?0zeta2012-07-05 22:28:02
My insurance company gave verification of medical bills , pain and suffering and any other injury.Do I have to pay the total amount of hospital or what I can negotiate on that .. If the negotiations do legal?
I have medical insurance, why do I have to pay back medical expenses out of my auto accident settlement?0helppp!2012-09-26 19:15:05
A drunk driver rear-ended me in 2006, I have medical insurance that I pay for through my job. When my attorney told me the driver didn't have insurance I knew I was in trouble. My auto insurance paid part of my medical, I paid my co-pays and continued to go to the doctor/surgeons. When the attorney came to me and told me that I should settle because there was no more money I felt that I should so that I would not have to pay the firm anymore than was needed. But to my suprise he told me that I was going to have to pay the doctors for the amount that my insurance company had paid out. I thought what am I paying insurance premiums for? Is there anyone that can give me an answer to this? I don't think it's fair as I still have to go for medical care for this accident and my insurance pays it now.
Auto accident medical expenses law suit..What option do we have to stay away?0DEGREE2012-08-28 05:45:03
Five years back, my wife had involved in an auto accident at an intersection when she attempted to make left turn. There was a minor damage to both cars. We exchanged the insurance details. No one got injured. Cops came and gave ticket to my wife. We went home and everything went smooth that day. After 5 years, we got a call from our insurance company and they mentioned that the other party is suing my wife for medical expenses for about 80K. We had a nice insurance coverage then. It appears that they want to milk money from insurance company. Now we got letter from an attorney that was selected by our insurance company. Now we are moving out of that state, and we have lot of other worries. Because of this latest development, we are stressed, unrest and worried. What legal protection that we have now? Why does the insurance company not settle the issue? We don
I was in an auto accident and now have medical bills. My health insurance paid them but doesn't the auto pay?0Kala Hammer2012-09-10 23:22:02
I have copies of explanation of benefits that my health insurance paid my medical bills from a car accident . I live in the state of Missouri . Does not the car insurance company still assumes that you pay the full amount of the bills?
My medical bills from auto accident far exceed the at fault driver's and my auto insurance limits.?0bere2012-07-23 09:37:05
Will my under insured motorist policy cover the remainder of the bills and pain and suffering? Medical bills exceed $250,000. Total auto insurance has covered $200,000, my health insurance has covered only $30,000. (I have catastrophic health insurance only). I have $200,000 in under insured insurance.
Medical bills in auto accident claim.......?1Cee2015-12-18 19:26:42
Long story short, In an auto accident. Not at fault. I have hired an attorney. Today I found out that the handful of bills that the Third Party did pay was submitted to MY insurance company by the Third party to be reimbursed. And now, My insurance company is claiming that they paid these bills and put a lien on my settlement for the amount they paid. This doesn't make sense to me. I didn't submit any bills to my own insurance. I paid stuff out of pocket the first few trips to the doctor and since then every thing else has been sent to our health insurance. My Insurance company wasn't any help to us at all. I did all the leg work to get things done for repairs to my car. They haven't handled anything for me. I do NOT want to pay them a penny. I plan to talk to my attorney. I just wanted some sort of info ahead of time. Can they do this? And why would they reimburse the third party like that?
Getting the other insurance to pay medical bills from auto accident?0jan kopelman2012-07-23 03:42:02
My daughter was ia passenger involed in an auto accident that was not her fault. Both my daughter and her boyfriend sought medical care and his insurance paid 100%. After she was done treating she contacted the party at faults insurance and asked for a small amount for her pain/suffering and for them to reimburse the medicla payments so that she could pay back her boyfriends insurance that paid the medical bills. She was offered not even close to what the medical payments were. She has been going back and forth with them and they are only offering $2,100. The party that hit them said that (State Farm) that they are basing their amount on reasonable and necessary medical and general damages. We are in California and I was told that the insurance copanies do not subrigate to get the money back from the other insurance, even if they are at fault. I think this is awful that the at fault insurance (state farm) will not even pay 100% of her medical bills, which were reasonable and necessary. They are not doctors, so how would they know. That's why we even had a report filed and sent by the doctor. Should we sue in small claims and if so, do we sue State Farm (at faults insurance) and the driver? I'm not really sue what to do and do not want to hire an attorney. That will drag it mon forever and then he will want money. I am hoping that if we file in small claims and the insured gets a summons for being sued this will prompt the insurance company to pay what is their responsability. Or, should she just accept the $2,100 and walk away.
One good reason to require insurance against PROPERTY damage expenses (auto. ins.) but not medical expenses?0study freak2012-10-26 12:15:03
I realize that auto insurance encompasses medical expenses related to an auto accident, so I'm referring to OTHER medical expenses. Also, I realize that medical insurance may, to some extent, encourage people to take less care ("moral hazard"), but that can clearly be seen as well with auto insurance, which most states require regardless.
Auto Accident, How do they pay my medical bills (other driver at fault)?1Harle2012-06-01 10:11:38
I got into a bad accident on the interstate , totaled the car, etc, etc. I went to the hospital to get checked , X-ray , CT scan , IV drip, etc, etc $ 2,875.79 . When I call my insurance to pay medical bills , how do they pay? Do you pay medical expenses directly to the hospital? Or send a check for me to pay myself?
Auto accident injury question about medical bills and settlement?0Nikki Cobb2012-08-24 18:04:02
If my health insurance pay my medical bills when I am in agreement with the automobile insurance company of the person who hit me , do I have to pay my health insurance ?
If you are involved in an auto accident, is the insurance company responsible for your medical bills?0Alvi2012-09-27 00:35:03
I was rear ended while stopped at a stoplight. After negotiating with the insurance company to others who hired a lawyer . My lawyer has sent a chiroprator . The insurance company for other people now refuses to pay the bill . Also, my lawyer sent me a letter saying they could no longer represent me (not enough $ $ involved ) . Now I'm being sued by the chiropractor . Is there anything I can do to make the insurance company will pay the bill.

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