How much compensation should i ask for a neck injury auto accident?

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Asked at 2012-03-07 10:44:52
I was in an accident not at fault, and someone was in my car. I had to have my vertebrae examined, with severe whiplash and a 14 "long bruise on the stomach from the steering wheel . I had a passenger in the car, and she had lesions less than me. Neck pain I have yet to turn the head in any direction, and the effects of my daily whatnot. recently talked to my passenger , and she said she was claiming 30k compensation for pain and suffering. not know what to claim , and I can not afford to hire a lawyer until you know whether it is legitimate to ask a number . Should I order more than what it is, and I got more injuries in the accident, or is too much?
Answer1BancrofAnswered at 2012-03-12 20:34:22
If passengers get 30k think she is living in the clouds , you can get
Answer2 집합 단수명사 Answered at 2012-03-22 03:55:54
Your friend passengers are not going to put $ 30K ! You are not able to start negotiations on its claim however, as their injuries and treatment have not been resolved. You need to ensure that your doctor has diagnosed your injuries properly and is giving the right therapy to resolve the problems. If you legitimately injured , then get it should be your main goal is not how much money you get. You must have at least a year, possibly three years to file your claim. You could ask the insurance company what the statute of limitations is in your state.
Answer3FitzgeralAnswered at 2012-04-17 18:17:26
anytime you are injured in an accident that ends up happening is an avalanche of things to start, find out what happens to vehicles where the repair, or add up, then a lot of nothing happens until the health problems have come so close to 100% of your health as possible, then what happens next is all medical expenses are counted, and insurance companies base their settlement offer to multiple factors, but the total cost of medical bills is the one thing many look. If your total medical bills are for example, 20 000, with no expected future medical problems. (Which means they have no long-term disability remains) usually figure 3 to 4 times the doctor, so for example, only the offer of settlement may be 60 thousand. that would be 20 for medical expenses, 20 for the lawyer, and 20 for pain and suffering (which have a fancy name for it) The problem I have is the insurance company know your rights, much, much better you, and without a lawyer to represent you, you do not know what their rights, and any offer may be substantially lower, based on the fact that you have no legal representation. so if your plan is thinking aw, heck, it's not pa yin no lawyer, I do it myself, what can be the difference between the offer to pay medical insurance, and 5,000 to disappear. Would you rather have, five thousand, or 20 or 27 k? In addition, contact insurance and are helping with this agreement? People often make the mistake of thinking they can do the same and are saving money. It is the exact opposite, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A GREEDY INSURANCE COMPANY really pathetic, who wants you to leave empty handed. your friend is all he had were bumps and bruises, no permanent scars and has only a few thousands in medical expenses (im just guessing from what you said, okay?) will not see any large settlement 30. you can order what you want, without a lawyer REALITY will be very different. If she has 5 total medical bills, or scarring, which can be lucky to get an offer of 15k, with a lawyer. probably much less, with a. And of course I'm basing this on the worst case, every accident is different, there is nothing written in stone, and lets all hope all recover completely and have no long term life changing injuries. luck.hope best of what works.
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