If you have more than one saving account at a Savings and Loans is each account insurance or is it the total of all accounts togather related questions

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If you have more than one saving account at a Savings and Loans is each account insurance or is it the total of all accounts togather0Jare2012-03-05 03:07:58
If you have more than a savings account in a savings and loan insurance on each account or is the total of all accounts Togather
Do you have a Health Savings Account, Flex Spending Account, or Health Reimbursement Account?0oshar2012-08-22 20:23:03
" HSA high deductible insurance plans that allow employees to make contributions to a savings account in pretax dollars . Employers may or may not match employee contributions . Any unused cash belongs to the worker . These plans with high deductibles are different health reimbursement accounts or HRA , which are funded by employers and return unused cash to the company . SAH and should not be confused with a flexible spending account , or FSA , which allows save money before taxes for health services . " MedlinePlus http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnfl
Checking Account In Collections And Savings Account Is Still Open?0imbillie2012-11-03 11:47:20
I have two accounts with Citizens Bank... One is a checking account the other is a savings. I'm a freshman in college and ran in to difficulties with my living situation therefore I fell short on cash...and wasn't able to put enough in my bank account in time in order for my auto insurance to withdraw the monthly installments.. The company was never successful in taking out any money however every ATTEMPT cost me $35...and they attempted 10 times!!! Resulting in me being overdrawn $350... Ofcourse at the moment I wasn't able to pay them back so they sent me to collections... This sucks because I am not able to have an active checkings account, but I do have an active savings account with $5.75 in it..lol... Well, I am renting a room, and I need a place to put my money while I save for tuition.. which is due soon.. I do not trust money in my room. I rather put it in my savings, but will the collection agency, or the bank take the money to pay for any debts I have with them? I still find it unfair that I have to pay for 350 of just over draft fees when my account wasn't overdrawn.. What should I do?
If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) can you also have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?1Lyn2012-06-03 09:12:17
If I enroll in an HSA that disqualifies me for an FSA account too?
Is a small life insurance policy put into a savings account the same thing as earned income savings?0Wayne2012-10-21 11:58:35
I'm wanting to know if I have to report as a policy savings small life insurance is not earned income. I keep it in a savings account , but is not considered as work performance right? I'm wanting to protect as much as possible for emergencies only .
Ping an account can search through all the accounts?1Jeremia2012-04-29 07:01:33
Ping an account can search across all accounts?
Saving account v/s Life insurance policy?0Colb2012-09-26 08:34:03
I really want to invest some money in the insurance policy , but my dad says invest in savings account because he is working with SBI for he said there are so many people in solitary savings account , I explain that there are more advantages in the insurance policy of a savings account , I guess you know what I mean , please help and see the difference in the savings account policy and Insurance
Health Savings Account, worth it?4Michel2012-08-20 10:01:03
I just started a new job, and I'm thinking of getting health care that allows me to start an HSA ( HSA never had one before). Basically it is worth it? My insurance premiums would be cheaper, and do not expect health care costs this year ( I have 28 years and enjoys good health) . Also my employer will contribute $ 400 if I started and HSA , which I also almost like free money. So are their complaints agaisnt an HSA if you have an account for the most part come from?
Health Savings Account question?1Cherrie2012-07-17 23:52:03
Last year , the configuration of my husband 's employer HSA for us, and contributed $ 1,000 for medical / dental / vision. Until recently we have not used any of the funds simply because they were not familiar with all of the account and its function ( s). My son has a medical bill for 4 months that the office of Dr. keeps calling about .. I can pay the entire bill with HSA debit card ? Yes, enrolled in the program at the time of the account, as I said they were not sure what account was able to pay and it was not until recently. However, this aspect I'm still a little confused about . Thank you .. and please no rude comments.
Have questions about Health Savings Account?3Beccalynn2012-05-13 16:29:38
HSA I looked at this site and only found more answers and I'm anxious to see if anything has changed recently. I have my daughter and me in BC / BS and pay about $ 75 a month . The office visits are quite high at $ 50 each time. We are both very healthy and maybe go to the doc once a year. Just wondering if we can have an HSA with it being the only insurance we have? I have read that you must have a high deductible policy to qualify. Is that correct ? thanks
How about mandatory health savings account?0charles miller2012-10-10 09:43:35
And only catastrophic insurance mandate ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Like car insurance , you're not really a mandate to have auto insurance , but we require a deposit of MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Why would not that work instead of ordering the insurance?
Would you purchase health insurance or put the $ in a savings account?1Julio Paz2012-08-09 08:27:02
I've been debating whether to get health insurance through my employer or put that money into a savings account . Currently uninsured, but leaning toward her. All that talk , however , counsel put it in a savings account and not pay the insurance companies. What is your opinion?

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