If you are driving through a parking lot and someone is backing out of a spot and hits you, whos fault is it? related questions

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If you are driving through a parking lot and someone is backing out of a spot and hits you, whos fault is it?13Zona2012-09-17 03:15:05
If you are driving through a parking lot and someone bets by leaving one place and hit you, whos fault is it?
If two cars are backing out of a parking spot, and they hit each other, who's at fault?4Brett2012-09-20 21:19:02
If two cars back up a parking space , and hit each other , who is to blame?
Parking lot Accident backing up, but fully out of the spot?1Maj2012-11-04 05:04:01
A month ago it was the back of a parking spot in a parking lot of the convenience store. I was totally out of place and had thrown only drive my car (perhaps 8km/hr problem still going) and roll back I met someone on the bumper. I looked back before and he was not there, and I was totally out of the spot when he retired. I got off the car to see what happened because I heard the shot (I was expecting at this time because I was in the current drive). So I left the car to look, but the boy was screaming obscenities and calling ******* stupid, and telling me the **** of your car, and I hit his ******* car. The author states that honked several times, but me and the passenger both heard a horn just before the collision. He would not let me go out and look and shouted to pull forward and get the **** out of your car. So I just did what he said because he was a big man (I'm just a girl 20 years old), I terrified. Anyway we went to a settlement, saying it would be more than $ 3,000 (estimate of his own friends, who would not go to a second opinion) to your car, so I said lets go through insurance. anyway I was upset and shocked by this accident and blamed myself something. But once I cleared my head, I wondered if it was totally my fault. I are returning to your bumper dead straight, and was totally out of place and just put my car in the drive. Does not this mean that he was following closely. There was also plenty of parking space for him to turn around or back up if he sees me back up. anyway .. What do you think .. Sorry its so long I should also mention that there was no statement from me. This was caused because I have this funny letter in the mail from my insurance company about opening a file, but did not explain why.
Who is fault is it if a car pulling out of its parking spot (forward) gets hit by a car driving down....?8Benso2012-04-16 01:12:01
.... drving down the main road a lot? This type brings forward (not back out ), but I did not see until I reached his side. I assumed it was my fault , but I heard it was her ?
I was hit while driver was backing out of parking spot and we have the same insurance so who pays the deductible1Ala2012-02-02 08:02:19
I was beaten while the driver was backing out of parking and have the same insurance that pays the deductible
Today i was backing up out of a parking spot and slighty hit (not hard) a car parked in a red zone.?4Leonar2012-10-13 17:22:05
the man was standing outside his car with the door behind him come to " get change" after he bumbed , I parked and he was standing outside the car saying his Legg pain .. my boyfriend asked if he was good and I was going crazy asking you too .. that seemd hesitate to say that was good or Nott. I finally said OK and it was good .. but my boyfriend said he noticed that look in my dishes Sp .. so now I'm hme remains a concern, because what if it is reported and tracked my platess money just to get that .. ? There are a number of days that can pass to give him a report and want to cash in some way ..
I got hit by a guy in parking lot.he's back off,i was driving trough.i wonder whos at fault.?1hadley2012-10-25 17:09:02
i m driving from main street ,turning right to fronted to my working place parking lot.i saw 2 car was parking there already. and i din't see d car's light is on so is meant the car is parked.Then i pass by suddenly the car back off,i hav no time to give a warn then he hit my left back door and bumper.the first time he get ogg from the car he din't ask me if i m ok or not.He yelling at me ask me what i'm u doing!And why i din't stop!BUt i already get there how can i stop the car,if i stop he he will hit my front door and i may get injured.and i told him that i can't claimed my insurance company cuz my insurance was ald high.then he ask to get d estimate ,but when i showed him d estimate he said he pay for that tell me to claim d ins.then i make a deal with him ,how about 50/50,but he said wait 2 more day to let him think about it.but i cant wait that long time,cuz is aly past 2 days.when i said want to make a report but he wont let me to.he said is at privete property,police don count
Whos fault if backing up?3Normalized sense 2012-05-27 18:32:47
Very good .. im at a Taco Bell with my girlfriend to go there and get food and go .. theres like 5 black children not to eat .. so we can go out and get into my car and I turn on the car and I'm about to back up .. Black children and go out to his car parked behind my car ( I did not know that) and get into , I guess .. I started backing up and made sure that there was no backup .. I always check suddenly I see this Acura TSX back up and I hit the brakes and say oh **** and then tried to hit my horn but it is too late idiot builds up in me and hit my car .. I leave the car .. the friend of drivers coming out too, and when he came back and was removed . I returned to my car and took me behind them tyhey stopped at a red light and ended up back end to the cause I did not expect to leave so quickly .. whos fault is it? Because official said the two are guilty of backing up while it sucks ..
Who is at fault if someone in a parking lot lane backs into someone who is backing out of a parking space?6caiman, cayman2012-11-02 17:30:02
I was in the lane of a small parking lot today, and was back up to enter a parking space that was about to release ahead of me. I was checking my left rear in the mirror to make sure someone was not driving behind me, when he collided with a car that was supported by a parking space near the right rear of my car. I did not see , and I guess he did not see me because he had supported enough for us to crash. He says he saw me, it is automatically assumed it was my fault , I said that I would get an estimate and send me a bill . There were no witnesses that I could find and we do not call the police. I filed a report with my insurance company , and is obviously work to do your own research , but I have curiosity about whether anyone has any advance knowledge of this type of situation.
If i slam the breaks on my car, and the guy behind me hits me! whos fault is it?!?10Stacey2012-07-02 05:16:02
If you break the beating of my car , and the guy behind me hit me ! whos fault is it? ?
Hi who is at fault..when backing out of a driveway and a passing car hits your back corner of bumper? thanks?2Stine2012-09-28 08:25:03
the car was pulling back with his behind the night .. with all the lights on. and the other car hit the rear bumper on both doors while going at full speed in a scraping motion . this was in a residential street.
If a guy hits you, thats taking a right, while your making a uturn, whos fault is it?2go to/失败2012-07-16 01:22:02
The U-turn was legal , and it was a crossing with lights. whose fault is that?

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