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Should I get my permit or should I wait?2(Joyce)2012-04-29 04:39:09
I am turning 16 in 2 weeks and as my parents did not think I'm ready to get my permission ... but I really want to drive and get my license as soon as possible. I'm confused on all permit and license and do not know what program I should go. Also im afraid to drive on motorways and having an instructor on average. Should I get my license now ... or wait until I'm older? I really need help and opinions! Thank you. :)
Should i get a permit or wait?0li ying2012-06-22 20:46:18
Im 17 ill be 18 in 7 months should get a permit now or wait until im 18 ... also if I'm 18 I have yet to investigate a permit before obtaining my driver's license ... I live in Texas
Should i wait or just get a permit?0 '- [You are willing. M relationship -2012-06-06 12:01:22
Im 17/12 , I live in Texas. My parents bought me my first car, and I want to be able to drive and ill be turning 18 in April, I try to get a permit at this time ? and if I do, when I turn 18 I will have to reapply ? Or should I wait.
After I get my permit how long do I have to wait?0Mattea2012-06-12 11:56:50
I am a 15 years in Houston , Texas. I have not received my permission and I however, turned 16 in 4 months. I have to wait some time after my birthday for my liscence ?
Do I have to wait another six months for my permit?0Maxwel2012-03-18 06:31:24
I passed the permit test at the end of May. So six months later would be the end of November. But I have been driving with my permission at all, because I have to have it validated by a driving instructor after taking at least one session of a course behind the wheel. I am getting the money for the course ( $ 200 ) right now at the beginning of November. When not taking the course I have to wait 6 months from now ? So my question is: Will begin six months from when I passed my permit test and I enrolled in behind the wheel driving school? LOL, because if I have to wait another 6 months, we have to pray that you change the date or something, because it is very important to start driving right now because my family needs me .
Do you have to wait 9 months with a permit even if your 18 ?3pig, swine2012-06-10 17:02:24
im 17 ill be 18 in about 5 months
Should I get my permit, or just wait to get my license?0Male2012-03-24 13:40:35
I have 17 years and I live in Florida. 18th birthday in April.
Do you have to wait for 6 months with permit even after 18?0Guida2011-12-21 18:01:07
Do you have to wait for 6 months with permit even after 18?5Gueeta Kakar 2012-04-30 04:31:20
I have no permit or license yet, though I have 18 years of age. Do I have 6 months with a permit to obtain a driver's license ? or I can skip that 6 months term because I'm 18 ?
I'm 19, do i have to wait for 6 months after getting my drivers permit?3pheasant2012-01-16 20:37:34
I live in new jersey and I'm going to take my permit test tomorrow . if I pass, do I have to wait 6 months to get my license?
In PA if ur 18 do u have to wait 6 months after u get ur permit to get ur license?0Gustava2012-03-11 05:55:10
I live in ny º IMM goin be movin Penn State for college. I still do not hav a permit. So I was wondering if I can get my permission I can not even hav to wait 6 moths to get my license? Mena ... i if ur 18
Can I get my license without a permit or wait less than 6 months for it?3Thomas2012-01-27 21:11:51
I was born in Honduras , who turned 16 in July this year, only became a legal permanent U.S. resident 3 weeks, so I wonder if anyone knows if I can get my license without permission, or just wait and get my license 3 months after the permit. It's really annoying to take the school bus with students from first year as 200. I live in Tennessee, please help me

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