Are there fines when the registration expiresin California? related questions

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Are there fines when the registration expiresin California?5Jane2012-06-02 23:44:51
I have a VW Bug 73 that does not run, and the registration has expired about a month ago . In California , it will have large fines when I get it registered? I hope to get it going soon , I thought maybe there was a certain amount of time that had to be the operating profit, no op to register , so do not want to do that . Help please!
Can I get a new drivers license in California if I have fines in Indiana?1Myro2012-07-29 07:40:59
I want to pay the fines in Indiana, but I do not live there. They suspended my DL for inability to pay the insurance or registration (I was trying to find a job to pay for both ... ). They do not answer the phone when I call there and come to your mind bearing in mind that if they want you to pay the fine that should be easier.
My wife got no insurance no registration in my truck,shes worried about jail time and fines,?0Felicial2012-05-14 02:57:16
his car is always good, my truck ins.which expiration led to suspension of registration in New York. I think we need to get a lawyer
Car Registration In California Help!!?0- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2012-05-01 03:50:44
I just bought a car , the labels are paid , but I need to get the smog check first , okay, so go get smog check and then go to DMV and get my decal ? or I have to put the insurance before going to test the smog check , so you can get the stickers ?
California car registration.?0cow2012-05-09 20:17:54
I recently painted my car diffrent color , do I have to notify the DMV ? ? I reviewed my record , but I see the color of the vehicle in any part of it.
California Vehicle Registration?0Azaria2012-05-06 21:45:06
Hey. So I am shopping around for a 50cc scooter moped and found one that I'm interested in buying (second hand ) I was wondering how the record because: 1) The scuttled was never recorded (2008) 2) The owner has Manufacturer Pink Slip ?
Is car registration and title the same in California?1 Taiwan2012-08-18 13:50:03
I know I tend to be different ... but in California , are the same document? I do not remember to get a registration card and registration dates is written in my title . Please help .
If you get caught with no car registration in California?4` → Qing ぐ Zuizui -2012-08-28 13:45:02
but you have proof of insurance, but stop paying the police know it ? Let's say the letter says good until May to November, but only pay for the first two months. Will the police know or just watch the first letter?
How much does the car registration go up every month? in California?1ptarmigan2012-02-18 20:48:09
after the grace period of 30 days , how much will go up every month? im 6 days after the grace period, so I just have to know what to expect ....
California Vehicle registration ?0Fanny2012-05-10 17:19:02
Can a person register a newly purchased vehicle under his name in the state of California, if the tickets has gone through the traffic without paying?
Where can i renew my car registration in california besides the dmv???2Roberta2012-01-03 11:33:35
Where I can renew my car registration in California, in addition to the DMV? ?
California DMV vehicle registration?1Harve2012-04-23 18:08:35
If I go to DMV I can give a history of vehicles owned. This includes vehicles that were scrapped, I do not know the license plate #?

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