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Help my car rolled out of its space?4Darcie2012-05-02 06:55:12
I parked my car in the parking space to put handbrake and went to the store half an hour later I cam out my car was in the middle of the parking another car was in my room and there was a car behind me. when I approached a woman started to say that my car rolled out and hit his car again and noted that the car behind mine was a different Mans said his car was good and I have said musnt handbrake i I said I have only had def my two-week trial conducted bt for a year and I always put it on. the woman said, then come and see his car had drove the car park and excavated and have seen the result is not so bad plastic cutter of your car the car is worse than its lost all paint in a corner my car is 10 years old , sax and paint was peeling off anyway. he asked for my insurance details that I have as I was expecting. So I gave him my name and number. What do my insurance is high now and never want to go through the insurance was not even my fault that asked how long ago you said happend to 5 minutes so that my car was sitting for 25 minutes before moving on ? I really miss not take responsibility for that BT do not mind paying myself I know somone to fix it I spoke to a police officer and told me I did everything I could , but if she gets an appointment with do you get one from someone i kno. I need advice! What rights I have is not like I was driving ?
I have a live hot-rolled plate, perimeter 91mm, thickness 3mm, length 29mm hot rolled wafer, we help calculate the next 35 tons punch dry Mody Thank you for the1Gary2012-01-02 05:00:16
I have a vivid hot-rolled plate perimeter of 91 mm , thickness 3 mm , length 29 mm hot-rolled sheet , help us to calculate the next 35 tons thud Mody Thanks for the
Need help making general ledger. May1Paid rent (80% selling space, 20% office space)S&P Management Co.2?0luie2012-08-30 10:15:03
2 Issued credit memo on returned merch. Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 175 MedlinePlus Total selling price (gross) Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 4725 MedlinePlus 3 Received credit memo on returned merch. Peyton Products 798 on April 29 MedlinePlus 4 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 37,072 MedlinePlus Store supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 574 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 83 MedlinePlus 5 Received payment less discount and return Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 n/10 EOM 4459 MedlinePlus 8 Paid inv. minus 2% discount and May 3 return Peyton Products Apr. 29 3411? MedlinePlus 9 Sold store supplies for cash at a cost 350 MedlinePlus 10 office equipment purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 10 n/10 EOM 4074 MedlinePlus 11 Received payment less discount Hensel Company May 2 5978 MedlinePlus 11 Purchased merchandise on credit Garcia, Inc. May 10 2/10, n/60 8800 MedlinePlus 12 Received credit memo on returned merch. Gear Supply Co. May 10 854 MedlinePlus 15 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 5320 3412 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3412 3150 MedlinePlus 15 Cash sales for the first half of month (cost $ 38,200) 59,220 MedlinePlus 16 goods sold on credit (cost $ 1,890) Hensel Company 8786 2/10, n/60 17Purchased 3990 creditFink merchandise Corp. May 14 2/10, n/60 13,650 19 Paid invoice less discount Garcia, Inc. 10 May 3413 22 goods sold on credit (cost $ 4,990) Lee Services 8787 2/10, n/60 6850 MedlinePlus Discount 23 invoice amount minus Fink Corp. May 14 3414 13 377 MedlinePlus 24 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 8120 MedlinePlus Supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. stores May 23 n/10 EOM 630 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 280 MedlinePlus 25 Purchased merchandise on credit Peyton Products May 23 2/10, n/30 3080 MedlinePlus 26 goods sold on credit (cost $ 8,230) Crane Corp. 8788 2/10, n/60 14,210 MedlinePlus Paid 26 April 3415 Electricity bill 1283 Perennial MedlinePlus 29 wrote the check to the owner for personal use Jenny Colo 3416 7000 MedlinePlus 30 Received payment less discount Lee Services May 22 6713 MedlinePlus 30 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 3417 5320 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3417 3150 MedlinePlus 31 cash sales from the second half of month (cost $ 42,500) 66,052 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional information: MedlinePlus one. MedlinePlus expired insurance $ 553 b. Store supplies MedlinePlus 2632 ending inventory c. Ending inventory office supplies 504 MedlinePlus d. 567 Estimated Depreciation warehouse equipment MedlinePlus e. Estimated depreciation of office equipment 329
I am using theater space to put on a show. The space is asking for a certificate of insurance.?2motor_angel 2012-11-02 10:24:01
I am not a business. I have no liability insurance . if that is not covered by insurance ? I'm just doing a performance. Can not be profitable for someone to write a policy for a show . also not sure if I could do anyway. How should I proceed?
First car that i rolled?0pikachu 2012-05-19 18:45:55
Car rolled down to train track?3Vows. 2012-05-09 06:58:42
train driver said he had enough room to take the train to continue but the driver decided to wait until the car was towed from the scene, there is no harm to anyone, now the train company is asking for compensation . Is this an insurance claim or a bully by the train company , the police were present and there were no charges because there was no property damage
Car Rolled Back into Me at Lights?6Cindy2012-06-18 01:23:38
Yesterday he stopped in front of a car space well enough as it was on a slope, and the car in front of the Who began to roll back and noticed it was not stopping , so come and undo my brakes because not maintain a clear signal on the road behind me, where there was room for a side street. and reached the point where he could not because there were no cars behind me, so I had to slow down and crunched me. there is no harm in the body, although a light in front of the full beam is not working and today I have a little pain (probably in my head but still) , but I do not know what to do. Who is to blame? she got up and was saying sorry that she was looking for her son screaming in the back and was not looking . I do not want to claim the necessary repairs then suddenly I met them I need some advice please.
Car may have rolled back!? UK answers please!?0anteater2012-03-27 07:41:01
Hey. Well, I was in a hurry to get to work this morning and accidentally ( do not ask me how!) Left out of my parking brake and in 1st gear . I was in a very straight road (the smallest slope). When I returned the car about 7 hours later I realized what he had done . I have no idea if my car could have rolled back and hit the car behind me this morning or not. There was no note or anything, so I really do not know! If you decide to claim me ( said to have written my license number ) How soon will I know my insurance company? Also how likely is that I could have reversed ? Given that , in general, can be in a gear acts as an interrupt if the parking brake is not activated ? Thanks in advance .
Who's Fault is it if the Car rolled back.?3Ala2012-05-09 05:15:58
So I was at my friends as he has a standard tranmission car , which was slightly blocking the driveway with the rear of the car just for her when she forgot to activate the brake I rolled down the driveway and hit my diaper back room and my bumper, Who is to blame would be mine , or 50/50 .
Car rolled down to train track?0Kerwi2011-12-19 20:05:30
Help needed car rolled at 1mph now wants 0zephy2012-09-01 05:03:03
Hello , I need help because I am very worried. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So last Wednesday I was driving through a parking ToysRUs , I'v been driving only two weeks, so I'm a new driver , there was a car in front of me , out of the car , pulling out and broke suddenly hit me back , I have an auto -box in my car for speeding judge my braking acceleration as my insurance should be
I rolled my car and then towed it home. Will insurance pay?0Manila2012-07-23 14:45:02
I rolled it twice and had a friend tow the car to his house....will the insurance pay and should i make a police report? should i bring the car back to the spot and the call police??? and information would be great!

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