I got into an accident. I made a left hand turn on a green light but not ona green arrow. Can my license get? related questions

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I got into an accident. I made a left hand turn on a green light but not ona green arrow. Can my license get?2khatami 2012-11-03 19:08:02
suspended? im 17 years old with a provisional license . I only had it for 7 days and that the accident was more or less my fault. I was not drinking or anything stupid though. Please let me know if I'm going to get my license suspended. i go to court in a few weeks
Recently in a car accident. I was driving west through a green light when I was hit by a car turning left.?0Donni2012-10-29 19:15:06
I was in the middle of the road when hit. She hit my Left front bumper Tire, rebounded and hit driver's side passenger door. I'm still waiting to hear from my insurance company about who is liable. I had full coverage on my car. My first accident. A little confused about what is going on.
You received a ticket when you was on a way one street and made a left turn on a red light The camera took the picture How much will it raise your insurance in los angeles you went to traffic school 11Flirt 2012-02-11 14:52:30
You received a ticket while on a one way street and made a left turn at a red light camera took the picture How much will your insurance increase in Los Angeles you went to traffic school a
Was it red light? I am not awar thatb the Trffic light was ember or green?0Trenton2012-06-28 03:06:02
An elderly male stepped out on the crossing and I braked and sweared . But he was stuck on my wing mirror(left side)and he was knocked on the road with head injuries. He was taken to the hospital but the police said he was ok . That was a big relief!! Now what will happen to me re the insurance and failure of any witnesses to come forward. I have comp and fully proteced No claims. What happens to my licence etc Thanks
If you received a ticket for turning left on a red turn arrow in Oregon will this affect your insurance rates in Washington1Simona2012-01-03 22:33:08
If you received a ticket for turning left with a red arrow in Oregon this affect insurance rates in Washington
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Can some one sue me for an auto accident, if they have a green card?1Zackery2012-09-19 00:45:03
I was in a car accident a year ago, and it was my fault , I went through the intersection at a red light , but I saw the intersection . ( the sun was rising , and glare hit me so hard I could barely see the road) so I hit the guy driving the other vehicle, totaled his car , I'm sure he had some injuries, like I did , ( broken wrist) , and I totaled your car. I did everything right, notifyied the insurance company , and such, and they said they were going to handle it if things were to go further in his name .. and they did. About a month after the accident , I got a letter from their lawyers saying I was being sued , i became my ins . co . and was told that I should not be getting something from their lawyers , must come directly to them . I guess we have analyzed the situation and offered him $ 15,000 to settle , and basically drop it, and he denyied supply, hes now suing me for an amount in circulation , and all my goods . I'm only 20, now I have nothing , I am indebted , and from the day of my accident, my life has been nothing but downhill, and now this MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus The best part is , when the officer gave me my ticket for the accident ( three days after the acident ) told me that the other party was also fined for not having a license or insurance , and he is also an illegal immigrant . im guessing since hes able to get on with having a lawyer and be able to sue me , are here on a visa , but it is still allowed to sue ? Do all have the same rights as us , considering hes not a legal citizen yet?
What's are some license plates red and some green in Massachusetts?3Haralda2012-05-13 02:41:00
In Massachusetts , we currently have two colors for the letters on the plates :. Red and green it's just luck of the draw what color you get or do you really mean something ?

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