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Will your insurance premiums increase if you make a claim after an accident that wasn't your fault1King2012-04-24 19:09:45
Will your insurance premiums will increase if you file a claim after an accident that was not your fault
If you make a claim on your insurance, how long do the premiums go up due to that claim/accident?0woodcock2012-05-11 07:51:43
If you make a claim on your insurance , how long premiums go up , because the claim / accident?
If i have a car accident (my fault) and insurance record the accident but i do not make a claim, does that...?1Burk2012-06-01 05:06:13
means you no longer want to lose my no claims discount . For example, if I had a car accident, it was my fault and not me or a third party makes a declaration , but sure I register as an accident , it affects / not like I'm losing my Prima personally think that no claims discount means basically doing what it claims if not stated , then, my good ... does not say thank you very much !
Got in an accident, it wasnt my fault. Should the person at fault have to pay whatever ins wont pay to bank?6ramin_1637 2012-09-01 23:09:02
I was in an accident. The insurance will not pay all you need , just what it's worth . They are also willing to take the Escalade , although i'ev been paying on it for two years. If I keep i'ev Gap said it will not pay the remaining balance. I just need suggestions I'm confused.
Can I make a injury claim even when the accident was my fault?2Dino2012-05-07 19:50:29
Unfortunately I was involved in a car accident 7 months ago , it was a big accident , but still did not have the right of way and for some reason I did not see the car coming , so when I was ready to proceed, this Lady Show on the road and his car hit me , it was just a little scratch , but was driving a BMW X3. Two months ago , she said my insurance , along with a personal injury lawyer , my adjuster made ​​an agreement and paid more than $ 6K. Now, I have been suffering from back and neck pain , but have no fear that my premium will go up even more after your claim, but I'm thinking of switching companies , but my question is I can make claim for injuries my own policy ? I appreciate the good answers and pleasant
Can I make an accident claim through party at fault without contacting my insurance?0claude2012-07-05 08:53:02
My car was parked and unoccupied and a commercial truck back up into my car creating front end damage. There was a police report written up and I have 2 party insurance information..(UPS Parcel)...My car only has liability insurance. Would it be wise to contanct 2 party insurance or should I contact my insurance company and risk an increase in insurance premiums
I was in a accident and i didnt have insurance and the accident wasnt my fault do they pay for my damage?2bat2012-02-25 00:32:07
I was in an accident and I had no insurance and the accident was not my fault what they pay for my damages?
I was in a car accident without insurance but i wasnt at fault?2Ashbu2012-10-22 10:15:03
a car hit me, but I was not sure. a police report was made and noted that I was not sure. said it was my fault that I made ​​a right turn lane to the left , but it was a one lane street . i go to court in 4 days. What should I do ?
If someone hits your car in a parking lot and runs without leaving a note will your insurance premiums increase even though you are not at fault1robin2011-12-12 03:34:46
If you inquired your insurance company about a potential claim could that cause premiums to increase2 불가산명사 2011-12-19 17:27:37
If your insurance company asked about a potential demand that could cause premiums to increase
I got in a car accident and it wasnt my fault! HELP!?6Aaron2012-09-20 00:54:03
if I hire one of those lawyers who advertise in a big TV service is really help me?
I got in a car accident that WASNT my fault! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY?2Helpplz2012-10-26 17:41:59
The police report clearly shows that the other driver ran a stop sign and hit my car. When I called my insurance company told me they did not have collision coverage on liability , and would be out of pocket expense . WHY? Common sense says that since it was her fault , should not have to pay. Ugh ! This happened in Florida ... anything I can do ?

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