Will your insurance premiums increase if you make a claim after an accident that wasn't your fault

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Will your insurance premiums will increase if you file a claim after an accident that was not your fault
Answer1JonesyAnswered at 2012-04-24 19:09:45
Insurance premiums This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on your carrier and possibly California law governing this type of thing. Most likely, your company will consider this as a "collision" loss, since his truck collided with the concrete block (instead of a "wide" loss, which inter alia include the flying concrete block another vehicle and landing on your car). Collision loss rate can result in review, but not necessarily. If you make a claim for damages, and the company understands that it could not prevent the block of cement, which probably will not find the blame for this loss. So how do you convince them that they could not prevent the block of cement? Mention the traffic around you, and if you deviate, you have caused more serious accident with another vehicle? Can you come over a rise, or will travel to the sun? This is to avoid the block of cement that have hit a concrete barrier, or possibly off the road? Similarly, it would not be in your best interest to mention that talking on a cell phone or lighting a cigarette when suddenly he saw the concrete block and hit it. Once you make your claim, do not rely on the claims adjuster to advise you on whether rates will increase or not. The adjuster will not be able to help (and for good reason. Departments of claims and underwriting are kept separate so that claims the address is not influenced by the "business side" of things. Addition, the claims adjuster can that won "t affect the rates, and then a while later you get a review of the regular rate - an accident or not - and you're left wondering why their growth rates when they were told they would not). Instead, ask for the subscription or have your agent ask you. Some companies have collision loss thresholds - from $ 500 to $ 1,500 - not to review the rate increases to cover the losses from that amount. And, again, finding that no at-fault would be helpful. Hope this helps.
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