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What kind of liability insurance does a private fitness instructor need0Taylor2012-02-19 23:50:25
What kind of liability insurance has a private fitness instructor should
What is a good company for fitness instructor liability insurance?0sherlyn2012-07-11 21:40:03
I am a certified Pilates instructor , but taught only at a recreation center until recently , so do not need any insurance. I have an opportunity to teach independently in 2 weeks and the need to purchase insurance quickly and cheaply, but do not want to be scammed. Who should I use - I was told it costs about $ 150? Thank you !
What kind of liability insurance is available to private individuals not professional who conduct their own renovations in a co-op apartment1Sibyl2012-04-05 15:24:32
What kind of liability insurance is available to non-professional individuals who carry out their own reforms in the cooperative apartment
If i am hosting a private event on private property with 200+ people do i need to get insurance of any kind?0nickole2012-08-25 04:53:02
or Do I need to register my event? if insurance is needed could I make people sign a waiver before entering to avoid buying it.
Fitness trainers liability in home I do not own.?0valua patterson2012-08-12 05:24:03
I'm starting a personal training certification and was planning on doing outside my house where I live, or whether at home or gym . The question I have is that if I am "leasing" , this house I'm living is a problem? I 'm liability insurance , but keep the landlord from any liability if it so happens to be any ? and be right in that I am the master of my own business here? or am I suppose to contact the owner of the house before doing this to get approval ? I do not want to raise red flags if necessary. I do not know if any law, written or unwritten that a customer can go after the "owner" of the damage and not just me , or I 'm breaking the rules for the formation of a home I do not own technique. For what is the difference between me and have a trainging freind someone else?
How much is liability insurance for a riding instructor?0niks2012-08-29 13:10:03
So I 'm riding in a small family barn , and the woman who has really wants to launch a program lesson. I am excited and I love to do . I have over 20 years experience working with horses and taught me lessons on and off since I was in high school . I'm not certified so far, but I'm thinking of doing CHA or ARIA . But I am concerned about the safe . Wherever you search people that need it, but talking about $ 500 to $ 1000 per year ? Since horses are going to use my friend , I will have to pay some of the money they charge for classes (she said half ... is this normal ? ) , And I have a 2 year old that I would to find a babysitter for while I'm teaching . When you add the insurance that, I'm still going to make some money ? I just want this to be part-time , as well I'm thinking 2-3 lessons a day during the week , but if I take students to shows they could make money that way too . It really depends on what kind of students I have. Anyone with experience want to offer advice? Is there anything else I should know about before you begin this lesson program ?
New Zumba Instructor- Public Liability Insurance Broker?0y0))))))))))))) i'm juz ChiLLiN' 2012-04-30 16:17:26
Hello, I just took the course of Zumba and Zumba Gold , and will cover a class of friends ( two weeks) before taking on my own ( this includes the older classes , chair and generally people who have not exercised for a while) I'm not qualified to REPS . Can anyone in the insurance ( an agent) please tell me how much it will cost for the year and the company will cover me better without clauses. There has been an answer to this one, but no actual company pleaded , see below : Answer: I work for an insurance broker in the UK based in Winchester , Liability
Provision of Fitness Certificate for Private Vehicle in Motor Vehicle Act. India.?0Gordo2012-05-30 11:30:37
We have to know the legal provisions Certified Fitness for private vehicles in the Motor Vehicle Act . India. 1) Section M.V Act . whereby Certificate Fitness for private vehicles is a problem. 2) State of M.V. The Act. whereby Certificate Fitness for private vehicles is a problem.
Best kind of Private insurance for self employed...?1Dancing Ninja 2012-07-15 22:04:02
My husband and I are self-employed in Colorado and need a good dental insurance and vision with him, and a lot of good coverage ... What is the best insurance company for this?
What kind of insurance or warranty is available for private water lines0Leila2012-01-29 16:52:43
What kind of insurance or guarantee is available for private water lines
What kind of health insurance do you prefer private or public?4Vietnam2012-08-07 14:56:45
What kind of health insurance do you prefer private or public?
What kind and how much liability insurance do I need?3Curcuma . 2012-07-28 13:27:03
I'm starting a residential pool cleaning and maintenance business and I need to know about how much coverage I need. I'm getting a lot of conflcting information.

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