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Does a police accident report contain drivers insurance info?1Bridget2012-04-14 15:11:35
It hit me the other day by an aggressive driver and do not feel safe leaving the car to get his insurance information , a policeman was there and had an accident report and gave me a reference number. my insurance needs your information , I spoke with them and told me I should have all the information they need, but not usually have insurance information in the two pilots? Thank you.
Car accident in NJ with a police report filed but no info exchanged between the drivers. What should I do?2parrot2012-05-24 16:30:29
I was involved in a collision with a vehicle that had driven through a red light. A police report was filed , but due to inexperience that none of us had exchanged contact information with others. The other party had admitted guilt / blame myself and the police, and was issued a summons or ticket . I called my insurance and was told to call the company of another insurance because they do not have collision coverage . What should I do now ? What happens now ? I have yet to go to work somehow. Thanks for your time and comments.
I was in a car accident and the police report says car insurance: "Unknown" under the other driver's info?1Vows, [Me` Yan -2012-03-08 22:30:32
Does this mean that the vehicle is not insured?
Car accident without exchanging info or filing police report?0Platona2012-03-31 01:39:38
I was recently involved in a minor car crash involving three cars. Being myself on the back, a lady in the fountain of me , and a woman ahead of her. We left everything at a stoplight and suddenly my car hit the lady in front of me, and his car hit a woman before her. Not sure how it happened, or in the exact order of those who hit whom and when. None of us were so sure. We all stopped and looked at our car and there was no serious damage done and no one was injured . The only damage was the lady in the front , his license plate light was broken and went out . We all agree that there was no need to exchange all information security and the police were called to file a police report . Therefore, all telephone numbers in case simply interchanged . So before I received a phone call from the lady of middle saying the lady who is the light had broken in touch with it saying that to fix the light would be a little more than $ 200 and told me he called me because it seems now "I am the one who hit the other." What you never said before, when we stopped after the accident. I personally think the lady at the front tried to make a yellow light , he saw that he could not , he stopped and backed into the other lady who ended up beating me. If there is no exchange of insurance information , no police report filed , all that is exchanged phone numbers , what could you do to me? If someone has a positive answer to this please contact me as soon as possible , would be greatly appreciated . thanks
Parking garage employee had an at fault accident with my car.. will police report provide their insurance info?0Robb2012-10-17 02:45:03
It was an accident at a business parking garage. The employee while attempting to park my car had an accident with it. The opposing party was not willing to settle within ourselves so cops came and filed for a report. I reported for my insurance as well. Besides that I obtained the following information... all I got is the receipt for the parking permit, the parking garage business card and the person's name and cell phone # written in it. When I asked for the employee for his driver license and for his company insurance, he said that he did not have it with him and that if anything, I can get it from the police report... So my question is... Lets say if my insurance company is not able to find insurance from the company. Will I be able to obtain his company insurance information from the report? Are they legally responsible to provide me with these information?
Forgot to exchange information after accident. how can i obtain there info? police report takes 10 days,?1auxiliary verb2012-02-26 06:24:13
I was in a car accident this morning, in which no exchange of information due to shock. I just talked to the police that's all. Is there any way to get this information, people and police insurance ? I heard a report police officer has up to 10 days. please help.
If a police report isnt filed in a car accident, but insurrance info was exchanged, can a claim still be made?9Killa Priest 2012-05-28 09:18:17
In short, that " bounced " in the car in front of me is going to idle. The other driver was frightened , and seemed to be drunk. Continued to refuse a police report because he was " embarrassed " . As it was my fault, let it slide by . (Note actually had paint damage only minor) . He has since filed a claim with my insurrance company more than originally happen . I have forced him to stay, but he cheated me out of it , as it was really my fault. Looking back, this man was clearly trying to avoid the police .
In a car accident with no police report and no insurance info exchanged. we only exchanged name and numbers. ?2Lillian2012-05-04 11:29:43
He was drunk and called the cops have not called ... I think it's because of him and he believes it is mine ..... if you do not answer your call more and that involving the police?
Can you be charged with hit and run if you give your insurance info without a police report0 ﹏ 1s. Black Tang herbicides? 2012-01-26 08:46:44
Can be charged with hit and run if you give your insurance information without a police report
No insurance driver provided false info on police report?0letty2012-08-29 10:45:06
my friend was rear-ended on my bike and the driver at fault had no insurance . I received the police report and asked both the mobile phone number and home number . blame the driver answered cell phone and asked him if he wants to reach an agreement on the payment of repair bills . He said he called his insurance company and was waiting for them to call back , my insurance company informed me beforehand that no insurance . Knowing this, then asked for his insurance information . hung up on me . I tried to call back a few times and apparently I was avoiding . Then I called home number provided in the police report and an old man answered . I had exactly the same name as the driver at fault . informed about the incident bike and he informed me that he could not have been anyone at home to even own a white '92 agreement . exactly the same name , same address but someone else . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was given false information in a police report and want to know what are the penalties that result from it. I report this to the police ? after all these lies , I have the intention to seek sanctions max . hopefully he committed a felony . that would make my day .
Can A Person File An Insurance Claim Without Police Report EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE INFO FROM OTHER PARTY?3Elva2012-09-08 02:45:03
OK THERE IS A CAR ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD coming towards me from the front and the only way to avoid being beaten up is to put me back on track next door But when you hit the brakes locked up and slide the back of my CAR AND HIT THE DIVIDER CONCRETE . FOLLOW The other car I have no license plate number.
got into a minor car accident, police were called I got a citation but didn't exchange info with the other driver and didn't give the officer my insurance info?0licia162012-10-04 12:31:48
I got into a minor car accident with my little car and a big truck. I believe i was at fault but my car got most of the damage they have a small dent. I want to avoid insurance. I was issued a citation but has no information about the other driver. I called my insurance and my agent told me to contact the other driver and offer to pay without insurance getting involved. I cannot find a way to get ahold of them. They have not contacted my insurance, My agent knew nothing about it. and its been about two weeks. I didn't give the officers my insurance info and didnt exchange info with the other driver, what should I do?

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