I found a door ding on my fender in a retailers parking lot what can I do? related questions

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I found a door ding on my fender in a retailers parking lot what can I do?8beaver2012-07-10 15:34:05
I found a door ding in my defense in the parking lot of the retailers , what I can do?
Is my wife responsible for a door ding in a private parking lot?1Idleness.2012-04-11 10:56:20
I had parked the van in a mini park for a soccer game. A lady with big truck pulled in next to us and parked less than two meters away. My wife returned the car to get something. The wind slammed the door of his hand and left a small dent the size of dime in the truck that was parked very close! The owner of the truck, then we asked about insurance. What we are exposed ? I understand the law $ 500 mini -game that applies to any failure of Michigan law .
If I ding a guys car door in a KFC parking lot, can I be held liable?14Warren2012-10-27 06:30:02
If a car door ding guys in a parking lot of KFC , I can be responsible?
Report a door ding on our cars?? Please help!?0wannabe2012-07-27 21:04:01
OK, we live in a two family home and we have been having troubles with the neighbor upstairs being very loud and rude and have had to report her to our landlord twice in a week and she was not happy about that. Yesturday we noticed a door ding on my white truck (her car is green). We were going to just let it go because my truck is old and we will be getting rid of it soon. Well today we found a door ding on my fiance's silver car and its pretty bad and deep, nothing that can be buffed out, looks like some force was put into it. She has a newer car that we take very good care of. Is there anything we can do about it? I didnt know if we should do a police report (do we call the police station or go there) on the vehicles and try to get money from her (or her insurance?) to fix them? Would it be worth it? I just dont want her to think she can get away with damaging our property. She is a very unreasonable, disrespectful person. We have never had to do a police report or file an insurance claim before so we have no idea what could be/should be doing. We have taken pictures of the damage and the location of our vehicles showing she parks right next to us.
If my truck door put a ding in a car on private property am i responsible to pay for it?6'Nan Nan Da with 2012-05-22 10:08:24
Opening the door of my truck the wind pushed the door in my car co-workers and now wants me to pay to get the ring which is about the size of a quarter and was on private property I am responsible to fix it
Should you go through your insurance company for a door ding your passenger inflicted on another vehicle estimated cost 320 or will it cause your premiums to increase1- 등으로 다른 단어와2011-12-29 04:48:21
Must go through your insurance company through a door ding your passenger inflicted on another vehicle estimated cost 320 or going to make your premiums to increase
Was pulling into a parking spot and hit a car door when the drive just open his door as i was pulling into in ?1Mary2012-06-15 10:37:02
Who is to blame
What do you do when someone hits your car with their door in the parking lot?1., cold ℃ -2012-06-19 14:10:08
Is this an issue that is handled by the insurance of another person, or do you have to bring them to trial or somthing and get out of them or how to handle this situation ?
Car door dented in parking lot?1Alber2012-04-28 05:36:00
I was in a parking lot and as I was about to leave , just get a girl opened the door, and she said the wind blew and slammed against the door, leaving a hole big enough. I took his number and license plate number and she asked me for a quote on damages. So I went to get an appointment, and came out to $ 1600. I phoned and told me he just wanted to talk to your husband about damages , and whether or not to go through insurance. I was fine with that and waited a week , and after receiving no call from her, called her and asked her what was happening, she said her husband and think the price is a bit high , and asked if his husband could take a look at it. I asked if her husband was a mechanic, and why I had to look after a body shop and had .. But I remember her , and waited another week for her husband to call me to make arrangements to look at . I talked to her again and said her husband is out of town for an unknown time , probably about a month. I told him that I've waited a month, and I got a quote from a certified , rather than just her husband. And I wanted to get it fixed , so I asked how it will pay for it, and she broke down and said it was not her fault, and she could be left alone ... then proceeded to tell me that if I wanted it to be fixed so bad , I should fix myself. So I wonder what I should do now, she does not return my calls, I call the police or insurance ?
Who's is at fault in parking lot fender bender?0Tajia2012-10-12 02:04:17
My wife was backing from a parking spot and hit another car that was backing out too. I do not know if the other car had stopped or not. Both bumpers were scratched but not dented . My wife got out and apologized for hitting another vehicle and admitted he was in a hurry . The other woman told my wife that she was sure she did not mean to hit her car . The police never called so there was no police report . The other woman was my wife's insurance information . My wife came home and told me what happened . I called and told the other woman to get an estimate and I will pay for damages rather than inform my insurance because the damage was minimal . Estimate was $ 826. Should I tell my insurance ? Are the two parties at fault and each of us take care of our own cars ?
School parking lot fender bender?1Eldrida2012-04-01 09:30:39
I live in California .. I got into a small Fender Bender after school and I really wonder who is to blame ... I saw the man in the car as I began to back (after making backup nobody behind me) . i was backing slowly because I could not see all the other car and did not want to back up quickly. i was looking back to the left to make sure nobody was coming from the left and suddenly I heard someone shout and let me back up and looked back and saw the car guys right on my bumper . i did not feel beaten, but apparently I did and there was a small walnut -sized dent in drivers side rear door . someone later told me that as I was backing up this type faster and backed their car straightened before I could stop .. my friends ( who witnessed it ) say it is their fault, but the guy wants to pay for the damage .. Whose fault is it ?
Whose fault is it in this parking lot fender bender?0Cambodia2012-05-25 08:36:47
A few days ago I went to a restaurant and there were two open spots on the front. So I started back up in the open space to the right. Once I'm in parallel with the point I feel a blow and look into the mirror of my right and see a car there . This car was at an angle of 45 degrees and obviously trying to park in the open space beside my car. I have a 1 foot long scratch on my car and has a scratch maybe 2 inches in the front left corner of his defense. My car was packed between the lines in place that was backing into . The man out of the car and says " I realized you know" what he probably did. But he was taking his place and went into the mine that I was supporting al. Is there an error in this case?

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