Received a traffic ticket and never received the notice at home... Made the payment and still received notice? related questions

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Received a traffic ticket and never received the notice at home... Made the payment and still received notice?1Feodora2012-04-24 16:28:48
Hello , I received a fine for speeding in February and never received the notice at home. After 3 months, in June I went to the DMV office to check my driving record and learned the fine slope and the ticket price was too high. I made the payment to the DMV office instead of the superior court. Although I had a $ 600 payment , still received a notice of any management company receivable debt collector stating that I have not made ​​this payment. I said as I have not made ​​my payment to the superior court received this notice . I thought you can make payment to a DMV office so I had to stay out of trouble . I told them that I have made the payment to the DMV then what kind of comapny debt collector told me that it takes about 2-3 months for the DMV to notify us that payment has been made and it can still affect your credit history credit. What should I do now ? I'm confused.
Received notice of amended unemployment insurance award after receiving notice ofor the awarding benefits?7Erika2018-02-05 11:56:42
I recently filed for unemployment with the state of California on active duty for training of National Guard last year and was released from my active duty status back to my duty to complete the necessary training. I filed and received a notification of award of unemployment insurance benefits gave me $ 374 a week , 9 days after they send me a notice of the modified unemployment insurance weekly benefit amount to $ 0 . I'm trying to figure out wether simply are not making any change in my current win or what completely removed my initial focus for the award . ? any help would be great to get through the EDD is a quite ridiculous by
After 9yrs since your father past away I received some kinda settlement notice from the court should'nt the insurance company send that notice t me1porcupine2012-08-06 01:53:03
After 9yrs from his father until the past I have received a notice of settlement of the Court a little should'nt the insurance company send the notification t me
I received a notice of a $50,000 lien against my property...?0cliff2012-08-04 14:58:49
which was placed before buying my house. I notified my title insurance company and they said they are investigating to see why it was not made ​​known to me when I was buying my house. What are the implications here? Does the title insurance company must pay the lien ? Is there anything I should know or do to protect myself?
Under what conditions must a distinction be made between to be received today and money to be received in...?0Anlizhuomi 〃2012-05-08 06:29:33
Under what conditions should distinguish between those who have received today and money to be received in the future? The options are : A) A period of recession. B ) When idle money can get a positive return. C) When there is no risk of nonpayment in the future. D ) If the current interest rates are different from the expected future rate .
I received a notice of unemployment insurance award, but I do not know why?1Colber2012-09-14 05:45:03
I have been unemployed for over a year and am currently receiving benefits through an extension of my original statement . A few days ago I received a letter saying my claim is valid, but would not affect my current claim extended benefits . Today I received a new award notice of claim , which shows a much smaller amount of weekly benefits to me given the extension. My current extension still has a couple of weeks of benefits left, so why did I receive the letter again ?
Received Notice Of Insurance Settlement Offer?2 V-LINK 참고 2012-08-31 04:32:02
OK this is the situation. In May last year I was involved in a car accident was at fault in that I had full coverage on the car he was driving and the insurance company handles everything within one month of the accident and I have not heard anything about since. Today I received a letter in the mail from my insurance company informing me that a settlement offer made ​​to another person for injuries and property damage . Questions : 1 . Does the amount of money available out of my pocket or my insurance cover it? The respective amounts of injuries and property damage fall in the $ 25,000 / $ 25,000 policy limits full coverage . 2 . Once I got the estimate back saying that the car I was in was a total loss , I dropped the insurance on it. Will insurance continue to pay out now? 3 . If insurance does not pay out , will my premium go up ?
Could there be an exception in a car insurance cancellation if I received the notice late?2Jiggle Shopper 2012-05-05 18:35:05
Could there be an exception in a cancellation insurance car if I received the late notice?
Just received notice from collection agency concerning a 4 yr old bill I was unaware of?0Marry2012-09-28 18:15:03
I was in an auto accident in 12/03. My health insurance and auto insurance paid hospital bills, etc. I paid the balance in May, 04. Have not heard one more word even tho I still live at same address and work for same company. Now receive notice from collection agency! Could this be a scam of some type? Wouldn't the hospital try to contact me over the years if I still owed? The bill is only $150.00 but it's the principal of the thing. Do I fight it? Do I have a leg to stand on?
You received a ticket when you was on a way one street and made a left turn on a red light The camera took the picture How much will it raise your insurance in los angeles you went to traffic school 11Flirt 2012-02-11 14:52:30
You received a ticket while on a one way street and made a left turn at a red light camera took the picture How much will your insurance increase in Los Angeles you went to traffic school a
Have to find out if geico has received my payment, never received a statement?0Isaac2012-05-03 16:51:10
How I can evaluate this information when GEICO does not recognize my password or account
I received a ticket in NY- Do traffic points transer to MA?3heifer2012-05-06 00:42:47

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