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insect cell expression system02022-04-21 09:46:16
The recombinant virus obtained by BEVS is easy to screen, has the function of post-translational modification, and has high efficiency of expressing foreign genes. insect cell expression system
Baculovirus/Insect Cell Protein Expression and Purification02022-03-25 06:18:47
Protein expression is related to the gene sequence and the corresponding mRNA sequence, both of them have a decisive influence on the protein expression. Baculovirus/Insect Cell Protein Expression and Purification
cell-free expression service02022-02-19 10:39:14
Cell-free expression system produces proteins in vitro through translation machineries extracted from cells. It has become a well-developed technique for synthesizing proteins in cell lysates. cell-free expression service
Insect Cells Transfection Kit for sale02022-05-25 07:08:37
BOC Sciences Insect Cell Transfection Reagent is a lipid preparation based on cationic lipids and DOPE, which can be used to deliver DNA to insect cells, especially Sf9 and Sf21. Insect Cells Transfection Kit for sale
Would Cell Phones be covered under 'Contents Insurance' ?(given that cell phones are taken outside the house)2Ferdinan2012-09-11 18:16:02
Phones to be covered by "Secure Content" ? ( Given that cell phones are taken out of the house)
Gene Expression Profiling02022-04-21 10:54:49
In higher plants, regulated gene expression is required for the establishment and maintenance of specific cellular and tissue developmental stages. Gene Expression Profiling
bacterial protein expression02022-04-21 09:46:06
Recombinant protein production is a promising field and there seems no sign that its expansion will abate anytime soon. bacterial protein expression
Enzyme Expression and Purification02022-04-21 10:01:38
Creative Enzymes has decades of experiences in enzyme expression and purification. We provide a series of services including gene cloning, expression, and fermentation optimization and production of enzymes. Enzyme Expression and Purification
Yeast Protein Expression Services02022-05-25 02:21:02
Yeast fermentation is the most economical eukaryotic expression system for the large-scale production of secretory and intracellular proteins that require post-translational modification, including humanized antibodies. Yeast Protein Expression Services
nicotiana tabacum specific expression02022-02-19 10:20:58
Cell-free in vitro protein expression can be performed in so-called “coupled” systems running RNA transcription and protein translation at the same time in the same reaction mixture. nicotiana tabacum specific expression
viral Immunomodulation-related proteins expression02021-12-23 12:37:49
viral Immunomodulation-related proteins expression Creative BioMart Vir-Sci is a professional biology company that can provide excellent immunomodulation-related proteins expression service according to the requirements of customers.
What kind of health care system does the WHO reports the best system in the world?0i luv mel 2012-10-14 18:45:03
Would this be so bad? This is only an excerpt from a first-hand account with insurance in France. It makes sense. "How good is the French medical care? Surveys by the World Health Organization rate the French system as the best in the world, and far better than average health care in the United States. Life expectancy and most other relevant rankings are also higher in France than in the United States. From our own experience, we would agree that French medicine is much better and far cheaper than in the United States. When we lived in Florida, my very expensive heart specialist seemed content for me to have a bit of high blood pressure, which he saw as natural for a person of my age. Not so here in France, where the doctors kept changing my pills until they got me down to the normal 120 over 80. The French doctors also found a way to end a long-standing enlargement of my heart that never bothered my American doctors. To be fair, not all doctors here are as good as the ones who've treated us, and we've heard the same kind of horror stories we heard in the States about doctors who buried their mistakes. We also hear threats to cut back funding, which is already far less per head than spending on medical care in the United States. But, so far, we've gotten the best of care, as do all our neighbors, including workmen, farmers and retirees on limited budgets. Why, then, can't Americans have the same kind of socialized medicine? Mostly, because of the health maintenance organizations and insurance companies, who take such a big slice off the top. So strong is their influence that almost no one of any clout in American politics dares to talk of a single-payer system that would simply do away with private medical insurance, except perhaps as the kind of top-up they have here. Hopefully, if enough Americans get to know what exists here in France, the debate will open up. Something like the French system would certainly save Americans a great deal of money and provide much better care. But, for Anna and me, it's already too late. We've become so enslaved by the great medical care we now have that we cannot see ever moving back to the United States or anywhere else. That, I suppose, is the true horror of socialized medicine that all those Florida doctors warned about back in the 1940s."

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