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bacterial protein expression02022-04-21 09:46:06
Recombinant protein production is a promising field and there seems no sign that its expansion will abate anytime soon. bacterial protein expression
Yeast Protein Expression Services02022-05-25 02:21:02
Yeast fermentation is the most economical eukaryotic expression system for the large-scale production of secretory and intracellular proteins that require post-translational modification, including humanized antibodies. Yeast Protein Expression Services
Baculovirus/Insect Cell Protein Expression and Purification02022-03-25 06:18:47
Protein expression is related to the gene sequence and the corresponding mRNA sequence, both of them have a decisive influence on the protein expression. Baculovirus/Insect Cell Protein Expression and Purification
protein and protein interaction analysis service02022-04-21 10:59:47
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are established when protein molecules physically contact with each other through hydrogen or hydrophobic bonds, Van der Waals forces, ionic forces, or even covalent bonds. protein and protein interaction analysis service
Bacterial infection & UTI?0purple2012-07-04 03:00:02
My insurance has just recently been cancelled. I'm waiting to get new insurance.. I have a really bad bacterial infection, discharge, itching, burning, and when i itch it swells up. I also have a UTI but im used to them because I have been getting them chronically since I was 9 years old. Docs cant figure out why. But anyways, I don't know what to do for this bacterial infection. I'm a single mother, so I don't have the money for an expensive bill, or prescription. What should I do? Any suggestions..please! is there any way of curing it? Alsooo... a couple months ago (i have a 5 month old daughter) the babies doc prescribed her nyastain creme for a diaper rash, which also helps with yeast infections. I have been using that to try to fix this. But im not sure if its going to help.
Enzyme Expression and Purification02022-04-21 10:01:38
Creative Enzymes has decades of experiences in enzyme expression and purification. We provide a series of services including gene cloning, expression, and fermentation optimization and production of enzymes. Enzyme Expression and Purification
Gene Expression Profiling02022-04-21 10:54:49
In higher plants, regulated gene expression is required for the establishment and maintenance of specific cellular and tissue developmental stages. Gene Expression Profiling
I'm not sure if I have a cold or a bacterial infection.?0Damasus2012-10-27 13:45:03
It started last Tuesday, I actually had a lab about live bacterial cultures. I am pretty sure I got some kind of bacterial infection but I'm not sure if that is really the case. I have a fever but not unbearable ones. My eyes get watery a lot and I always get of nose drippings and I have to constantly blow my nose. I sneeze a lot as well and I cough often. It feels like I really need to cough every second (sometimes I have phlegm). I took cold medicines a lot (Nyquil and advil) however I don't feel much of a change. Is this a cold or a bacterial infection? I had it for about a week now. (it is hard for me to go to a doctor because I have no insurance.. Can you please tell me a way of treating it at home?)
I think I have an inner ear infection.. but is it Viral or Bacterial?0gopak2012-10-13 08:15:02
A couple of days ago, my head started to hurt .. Then I started to feel dizzy when I turned my head a certain way . It felt like I had vertigo .. But it was . The next day I woke up and my left ear felt blind , then gradually worsened and everything that comes in my left ear sounded like auto tune ( T -Pain ) . Now , I had a sore throat and my left ear is still messed up ... My friend is a nurse and she said it could be an ear infection , but it is bacterial or viral ? ? ? I am very scared and I have no insurance so please someone help!
Is there anything I can buy over the counter for bacterial vaginitis?0spike2012-09-30 19:49:02
I have no insurance , so I was wondering if there is something available for the treatment of bacterial vaginitis over the counter ? Or maybe someone knows a home remedy .
cell-free expression service02022-02-19 10:39:14
Cell-free expression system produces proteins in vitro through translation machineries extracted from cells. It has become a well-developed technique for synthesizing proteins in cell lysates. cell-free expression service
insect cell expression system02022-04-21 09:46:16
The recombinant virus obtained by BEVS is easy to screen, has the function of post-translational modification, and has high efficiency of expressing foreign genes. insect cell expression system

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