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Co-IP Assay02022-03-25 06:36:39
The Co-IP assay is a powerful technique that is widely used for the discovery and detection of protein-protein interactions. Co-IP Assay
RNA Pull Down Assay02022-05-25 02:27:11
RNA pull down assay depends on the principle that streptavidin agarose bead has a strong affinity to biotin-labeled RNA, and can effectively and specifically pull down biotinylated RNA–protein complexes. RNA Pull Down Assay
protac degradation assay02022-04-21 10:59:34
Protein degradation and stability provides the ultimate regulation of protein functions. protac degradation assay
immunogenicity assay service02022-05-25 02:25:30
Immunogenicity testing is a crucial part of biopharmaceutical development. More stringent regulations regarding immunogenicity assay performance necessitates the development of assays exhibiting excellent sensitivity, precision, immunogenicity assay service
The BiFC Assay in Plants02022-05-25 02:28:42
Biomolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC) is a powerful tool for the validation of protein-protein interactions. The BiFC Assay in Plants
lipid transfer assay02022-06-25 09:07:06
lipid transfer assay Cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP), also called plasma lipid transfer protein
enzyme leakage assay service02022-02-19 10:38:58
PROTACs is an emerging strategy for targeted therapy in drug discovery. After target protein degradation, PROTAC is released and continues the degradation process. Thus, toxicological issue is one of the main challenges for PROTACs application in drug delivery. enzyme leakage assay service
enzyme activity assay service02022-03-25 06:46:32
" A fundamental task of proteins is to act as enzymes—catalysts that increase the rate of virtually all the chemical reactions within cells. " enzyme activity assay service
Enzymes for Producing Homocysteine Assay Kit02022-05-25 07:14:40
Homocysteine, a sulfhydryl-containing amino acid, is an intermediate product in the normal biosynthesis of the amino acids methionine and cysteine Enzymes for Producing Homocysteine Assay Kit

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